Normal 66% Poss Dh Snow Kenyan Sand Boa (#2022-94)

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Normal 66% Poss Dh Snow Kenyan Sand Boa
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Normal 66% Poss Dh Snow
Kenyan Sand Boa Baby/Juvenile
Gongylophis colubrinus
66% Het Anery 66% Het Albino
Frozen/Thawed Mouse

Cartaxo, Santarém Portugal flag

50.00 €
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About Herp-Utopia. Herp-Utopia is a small breeding facility based in Cartaxo, Portugal, that produces a little more than 100 snakes a year. I'm working mostly with ball pythons, but also with brazilian rainbow boas, sand boas, bredli's pythons, spotted pythons, amazon tree boas and many more. I always had a big passion for snakes, keeping mostly colubrids and started breeding them. I have now 14 years experience with reptiles, and I'm also a Zootechnical Engineer, which gave me advanced knowledge on genetics, nutrition and breeding programs. I have an exotic vet always checking my collection, and every once in a while randomly tested for virus, bacteria and parasites. With that being said, I'm providing the best quality animals i think is possible.
Feel free to contact me any time.
Cristóvão Cardoso