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Sep 19, 2020
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Currently specializing in high end crested geckos, hoping to expand as time goes on.

Store Policy
Terms & Conditions:

Putting a Gecko on Hold:
To place a gecko on hold with us, we require a 25% down non refundable deposit. Once this gecko is placed on hold you have 1 day (24 hours) to either pay off the gecko or start up a payment plan with us, unless otherwise discussed. If you do not place a deposit hold with us this gecko can be sold at any time.

Payment Plans:
We offer payment plans for any gecko over $300. To start up a payment plan with us email us stating you would like to start one. After this you will need to put down 25% non refundable deposit. Once this is issued the full price of the gecko must be payed off within 60 days. *We understand things do come up on occasion just keep us updated and we can discuss how we can continue the purchase.* If within the 60 days the payment plan isn't completed and you are not keeping us aware / not paid off within considerable amount of time all payments sent to us are final.

We will only ship out geckos when it is safe to do so. The geckos safety is our first concern. We are willing to hold the gecko till it is safe to do so.
We will not ship out a gecko if the day time temperature is below 50 *hub pickup* and is higher than 85 degrees *hub pickup*. If the gecko does drop its tail during shipment *this does happen from time to time because of stress* don't worry this will not affect the health of the animal in any way it is more for looks than anything. We do not offer refunds based on dropped tails. If the animal is dead on arrival (this is a very rare situation but needs to be stated) please inform us immediately (within the hour of being delivered) and send us photos. We will completely refund you for the shipping as well as the gecko. For DOA cases all geckos must be put into their cages within one hour of the delivery time(home drop off) and must be picked up within one hour of pickup time for hub pickup. Once picked up from the hub we do not offer DOA cases say your AC or Heat kills the animal on the way home. There is to many factors that can happen from the hub to your home. *Must contact us within the one hour of arrival to confirm this is done. If this isn't done it voids out the DOA refund