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Aug 19, 2017
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We specialize in and work exclusively with Ball Python Clown combos. It took us many years to gather our collection of animals from the best bloodlines. We have done business with largest and most well known breeders all over the world. We have always been treated and treated others with respect and in our opinion that is the most important thing when it comes to professional business interactions. This is why we offer healthy and top quality ball python morphs and we are also always available to offer support to our customers and any others who might be interested in joining our beautiful world of reptiles.

Store Policy
Free delivery to following EU shows: every Hamm. Longarone and others upon request. We legally export worldwide (we provide CITES, Veterinary certificates, Certificate of origin, Trade compliance papers, a valid Receipt and whatever else you might need).
20% non-refundable reservation via PayPal or direct bank transfer, rest is paid in full in cash upon receiving the animal or paid in full via PayPal or direct bank transfer before receiving the animal, whichever you prefer. With the animal you also receive Certificate of Origin and a Receipt.