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Mar 20, 2021
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A passionate, small town breeder, always striving for top quality, healthy animals, along with customer satisfaction and VIP quality support for all customers, regardless of purchase history or value.

Store Policy
Terms and Conditions:

1. Guarantees
1.1. We guarantee all animals to be healthy, established feeders and correctly sexed.
1.2. The buyer agrees that at time of sale, they are aware of any genetic defects associated with certain morphs, e.g. the wobble in spider morphs and combos. Aeon Herps can not be held liable or responsible for such genetic defects not researched by the buyer prior to purchase.
1.3. Reptiles that have left our facility can NOT be returned for any reason. This is to protect our collection and facility from infectious diseases or parasites they may contract outside of our facility, and out of our control, or from the buyer inadvertent negligence, knowingly or unknowingly. Transportation back and forth also stresses the reptile(s), and is unfair on them.
1.4. If the reptile(s) dies within 48 hours, evidence of the reptile(s) purchase from Aeon Herps, as well as veterinary evidence, of the cause of death must be provided.
1.5. Death during transportation by a third party, corporate or private, must be reported within 1 hour of receipt of the reptile(s).
1.6. A full refund will only be considered if ALL criteria in 1.5 and 1.6 are met, and agreed upon by both the buyer and Aeon Herps.
1.7. Aeon Herps can NOT be held responsible for improper housing conditions and the consequences of such.
1.8. Death by genetic defects not linked to a certain morph will be compensated appropriately.

2. Pricing
2.1. The reptile market is volatile, and prices may drop over the course of a reservation or payment plan. The buyer agrees to pay the original agreed price irrispective.
2.2. Pricing is determined by average/current market value, age, gender and quality of the listed reptile(s).
2.3. All prices are considered fair at time of listing, to protect the average value of the morph or reptile(s), and maintain the market for other sellers.
2.4. Pricing can change at any time, at our discretion, without prior notice.

3. Reservations and Payment Plans
3.1. Reservations can be made, lasting for up to 1 calendar month, at a 50% non-refundable deposit.
3.2. Payment plans can be arranged at 50% non-refundable deposit, and up to 3 months to pay the balance of the total price.
3.3. Buyers will be notified, and deposits returned (less fair calculated holding costs), should the reptile(s) die during the duration of the payment plan.
3.4. First come, first served. Until a deposit is cleared in our account for reservation or purchase, the reptile(s) will remain available for sale to other buyers.
3.5. Set payment dates for payment plans must be adhered to. One skipped, or late payment by the buyer will result in a forfeiture of any claims to refunds, and voids the purchase. The reptile(s) will then be sold to the next interested party.

4. The onus of the buyer
4.1. Ask questions! Aeon Herps cannot be held responsible for the buyer not researching their prospective purchase or it's husbandry requirements and any possible or potential defects or issues associated with a specific morph, combo or species.
4.2. Make sure you are ready to buy, and that your choice is final when buying. Aeon Herps will not entertain refunds or returns for "I changed my mind" or "It's not what I was looking for" reasons or any potential reason of any similar nature by the buyer.
4.3. Pay on time, on the set and agreed dates for reservations and or payment plans. We will not chase you for payment.

5. Transportation and Shipping.
5.1. We allow personal pickup, by arrangement, 24/7 from our facility.
5.2. Third party corporate transportation (courier) will ONLY occur from Monday to Wednesday, weather permitting, for the safety of the reptile(s).
5.3. ALL transportation and shipping is at the buyer's choice and cost.
5.4. Every endeavor will be made by Aeon Herps to make sure of the safety and well-being of the reptile(s) being packaged appropriately for transportation.
5.5. Damage or death proven to be caused by the buyer's choice of transportation or by the transporter are beyond our control, and any claims of any nature in that regard are null and void.
5.6. Delays in transportation by the buyer may incur additional holding fees, unless agreed upon by both parties.
5.7. Delays in transportation by Aeon Herps will only be in the best interest of the reptile(s) health, safety and well-being. If the buyer chooses to circumvent the delays, despite the opinion of Aeon Herps, they relinquish all rights to any refunds or replacements which come into effect the moment the reptile(s) leave our facility.

Terms and conditions can change at any time, at the discretion of Aeon Herps alone, without prior notice to any buyers or prospective purchasers. E&OE.

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.
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