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Jun 08, 2016
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Hey! I'm Aaron. Breeding ball pythons has been something I've been interested in since I was younger! I'm in the process of making a Dream a reality and making some nice animals along the way while enjoying every bit of it! My main focus is Gravel, redstripe and OD stuff. If you ever have any question do not hesitate to shoot me a message on IG or text to talk about snakes!

Store Policy
With working as many codoms as I do sometimes the genetic ID's can be tough. I will
Id my animals to the best of my knowledge, and that all animals purchased are healthy,feeding and correctly sexed.

All of my live animal orders are shipped via Fedx Ship Your Reptiles Next-Day Air. For safety reasons, I will only ship Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Temperatures must be between 40-85ºF on both ends and somebody must be there for FedEx to hand them the package for our live arrival guarantee. If shipping is to a hub pick up must be made within 1 hour of hub opening. If the animal is DOA, the customer must notify me of the DOA within an hour of receiving the animal. The time will be determined by the receipt time Fedx provides online of the delivery. An email with a photo attached of the actual animal must be received within that hour or all guarantees are null and void. I am not responsible for fedex problems or non deliveries. I currently only ship anywhere in the USA.

I accept paypal, or postal money order. Once postal money order is cleared arrangements for payments or shipping can be determined.

Payment Plans are available for 30 days on animals $250 up to $1000. 60 day payment plans available on animals $1000 plus. The minimum down payment is 25% and weekly or bi weekly payments must be made. All down payments are non refundable. I offer 10% off to military and first responders.
After 3 days of receiving the animal and no issues being reported, the sale is final. Shipping is free on orders over $1,000z