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Store Status is currently AWAY. Expect delayed response times.
We are closed for the holidays. At this time we are not sure when we will resume shipping. We will make that decision when we hear how Fedex handles the holiday rush. Stay safe and hope you have a great Holiday / New Years!
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Oct 18, 2015
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Specializing In Quality Captive Bred Reptiles
Our main focus is quality captive bred Ball Pythons but we also work with Leopard Geckos, Kenyan Sandboas, Boas, Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Western Hognose, and a few other species.

Store Policy
ATTENTION: Closed for the holidays. Fedex has been overwhelmed since covid19 restrictions were first put in place causing a major increase in the amount of people ordering goods online. We have seen a good bit of delays with shipments because of that which isn’t to big of a deal when the low temps are in a safe range but cold winter nights have quickly crept up on us. Fedex is always bogged down during the holiday rush from Black Friday / Cyber Monday all the way through new years with people buying gifts. Since fedex has been overwhelmed already due to covid19 we have opted to just stop shipping animals through the holidays since heavy delays are expected and low temps are just to cold to risk animals sitting delayed for extra days. As of now we do not have a date in mind to resume shipping. We normally ship year round but with the added delays we are seeing through fedex we are considering holding off on shipping until weather warms up. We will make a decision on when we will resume shipping after we see how Fedex handles the holiday rush. 2020 Has been a very crazy year for everybody with the pandemic and we appreciate all the support we got this 2020 season from all the repeat customers that have supported us for years and the many new names/faces we met from new customers buying their first animals from us this year. We really appreciate all of you and hope you all stay safe and enjoy your Holidays and New Years. Hopefully we see you all in 2021 for another awesome season! For now, we are closed for the winter! .