Andrej Švábik

Boa Constrictors

Andrej Švábik
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Oct 30, 2017
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Keeping and breeding quality high end Boa constrictor morphs. I have large variety of colour and pattern morphs.

Store Policy
I can deliver to Prague, to Teraria Houten 5th December. I can send to USA & Canada in begining of December. I can deliver in Poland, Germany and Netherlands in December. I can arrange courier to Hungary, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
Payment plans available. Reasonable offers considered.
I am at every Hamm show and can deliver to Houten. I can deliver to Verona show.
I can arrange courier from Hamm to UK.
I can arrange courier from Hamm to Dublin, Ireland.
I can arrange courier from Hamm to Poland, Spain and Portugal.
I can ship to USA & Canada (shipping to your door). You don´t need any permits. Price is 325 USD for one snake under 500g, larger snake 425 USD. Every other snake to same address 125 USD, larger snake 175 USD.
I can apply for export CITES permit to other countries and also arange shipping to your nearest airport if you can recieve CITES animals.
If you see anything interesting or have any questions, don´t heasitate to contact me via message, facebook or email: [email protected]

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