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Seller got back to me immediately and was able to ship the animal that day (because it was a Tuesday).
Rating by b***7 for Maverick Line 100% HET Axanthic Crested Gecko ($1,500.00)
Great seller, beautiful turtle responds fast
Rating by p***d for BABY Geoffrey’s Side Neck Turtle Side-Necked Turtle ($85.00)
Phenomenal experience from this seller. Will purchase from again. Highly recommended.
Rating by c***1 for Caramel Albino Slider Turtle ($200.00)
Excellent communication. Will definitely do business again in the future
Rating by j***0 for Antongilii Tomato 🍅 Frogs Other Frog ($350.00)
Smooth transaction
Rating by j***1 for 66% Het Axanthic *Visual Clutchmate* Crested Gecko ($950.00)
Very active and colorful gecko!
Rating by r***y for 66% Het Axanthic Crested Gecko ($900.00)
Very active and healthy gecko!
Rating by r***y for 66% Het Axanthic Crested Gecko ($950.00)
Great to work with, will definitely come back in the future!
Rating by a***0 for 66% Het Axanthic Crested Gecko ($1,500.00)
Nice working with you! Thank you! 😊
Rating by g***s for 66% MSL Axanthic Female SHIPPED Crested Gecko ($850.00)
This was not my first purchase from Aquatic N Exotic, and will not be my last. Thanks for another pair of quality geckos !
Rating by g***d for 66% Het MSL Axanthic Crested Gecko ($750.00)
This was one of the best experiences in purchasing a new animal I have ever had. Would recommend to everyone.
Rating by h***b for Argus Monitors Other Monitor ($500.00)
Turtle received well packaged and exactly as described, beautiful and healthy. Seller communicated after receipt to ensure it arrived safely, this was much appreciated.
Rating by j***r for CBB Yellow Blotched Map Turtles **FLORIDA SALES ONLY ($400.00)
Man THIS COMPANY IS AMAZING..Owner called spoke with me over the phone walked me through the ENTIRE process from selecting to purchasing..VERY NEXT DAY I received both baby black throats both in AMAZING condition...
Rating by j***s for CBB Blackthroat Monitors Other Monitor ($1,100.00)
All around great experience
Rating by d***s for Red Iguana 66% Poss Het Crutchfield Line Albino Other Iguana ($175.00)
Always nervous about sending people money but they did what they said they were going to do I would us them again
Rating by h***3 for Red Iguana 66% Poss Het Crutchfield Line Albino Other Iguana ($175.00)
My gorgeous blue beauty snake showed up this morning. She was packaged very well and the heat pack was still warm which was great. She looks very healthy. Josh was extremely fast at getting back me and was great to deal with
Rating by d***5 for Vietnamese Blue Beauty More Colubrid ($450.00)
Excellent gecko quick shipping
Rating by j***s for RED Lily White Pos Crested Gecko ($1,200.00)
Quick to respond to initial inquiry and questions, animal was shipped quickly and packed great, animal was just as described and in perfect health. Would definitely recommend
Rating by c***5 for Cape Banded Whitethroat Monitors White-Throated Monitor ($500.00)
great looking turtle!
Rating by l***o for Ringed Sawback X Yellow Blotched Hybrid Map Turtle ($650.00)
Great experience. Will def do business again.
Rating by j***8 for High White Red Tegus Argentine Tegus ($350.00)