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Jul 09, 2020
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At Bahl Pythons, we love all of our reptiles. Our family of 7 keeps ball pythons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, and bearded dragons. We are currently breeding primarily ball pythons and leopard geckos.

Store Policy
Bahl Pythons Policy

If you see an animal you are interested in purchasing, please contact us here through Morph Market, or feel free to message us on Instagram @bahlpythons. Animals are reserved when your 25% deposit (for animals over $200) or full payment is received. Inquiring on an animal does not reserve it. To be fair to all buyers, when there is a popular animal with multiple inquiries, the first person to send deposit or full payment will reserve the animal.

Payment is through Paypal.

Prices are firm on single animal purchases.

Payment Plans:
No payment plans for snakes $200 or less.
30-day payment plans for snakes $201 to $500 with a nonrefundable deposit of 25%.
60-day payment plans for snakes over $501 with a nonrefundable deposit of $25%.
If you decide not to purchase an animal after initiating a payment plan, you may transfer any deposits or money paid to another currently available animal of your choice. No refunds given for changing your mind.

Guarantee: All animals sold are guaranteed to be properly sexed and healthy upon arrival to you. Het genetics are 100% guaranteed.

Shipping: We ship our animals via FedEx overnight delivery. To ensure the animal’s safety, we will only ship when the temp is between 40 and 90 degrees. Night temps cannot drop below 40 degrees. We guarantee live arrival if you are present to receive the delivery. If a DOA occurs, you need to submit photo and 2-minute video proof of the animal laying on its back within 1 hour of delivery time as recorded by FedEx. Boxes left outside unattended are not guaranteed.

You will receive an info card with your snake’s information and care instructions. Our snakes are fed live rats unless otherwise noted. Please ask us with any questions. You can message us on Instagram @bahlpythons or email us at and we will be happy to help you!