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Thomas Clarke
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Apr 30, 2020
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10 years of breeding bearded dragons and feeder insects. Mostly try to produce multi genetic dragons with amazing colors.

Store Policy
Shipping is not always included in pricing. Be sure to double check.
I guarantee live arrival, as long as you receive the package when its delivered on the first try. If you miss your package on its first delivery attemp. Guarantee is void. If you receive your package and you wait longer than 30 minutes to contact me about a D.O.A. guarantee is void. This is your responsibility on your end to be there when it arrives and to notify of any issues. Call text or email me in that time window. I will resolve the issue with you. If a animal is to be replaced. You are responsible for shipping. Im responsible for another dragon. No cash refunds.
You are to contact me directly if there are any questions or issues with your dragon or husbandry. Not ask a social media group. Or anywhere else. I am the breeder I know my animals best. As long as the above guidelines were followed. I guarantee that animal for three weeks after you received it. In those three weeks, you cannot house your dragon with another that wasn't purchased from me, or if it's a size difference. If you do your guarantee will be void. Sometimes a dragon will stress when its in a enclosure with another dragon thats either aggressive or larger. You should have good quarantine practice in place when receiving reptiles. From anyone!
If the dragon is having issues adapting to its environment. Contact me to trouble shoot any problems. In 10 years of breeding and selling dragons I have never had a dragon not thrive when I was notified of any issues. Sometimes little things can stress a bearded dragon. Those little things can easily be fixed to suit its needs to comfortably adapt to its new environment.