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May 09, 2016
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We started collecting corn snakes in 1985 and had our first successful breeding in 1988. Back in those days, it was just corn snakes with little forethought of owning any type of python. We were just hooked at the first sight of a corn snake poking through the egg, especially when it was our first albino. Through the years, we became more and more interested in the hobby. When we saw a picture of the Albino ball python in 1994, everything changed for us. By 1997, we purchased our first pairs of Het Albino and Het Pied ball pythons. We were hooked and started Bradford Cole that year. Over the past 20 years, we've been recognized as the "small guy" focused on quality and customer service. Today, we continue to produce high-quality ball pythons with our favorite traits that have become the core of our collection, clown and VPI axanthic.

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