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Aug 18, 2018
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“Brian is very passionate about his business and takes great care in what he does. He cares for his animals deeply. Very quick and clear communication, great packaging. Will definitely buy from him again. I recommend you do business with him!” — dbunch6
“The packaging is perfect. The snake was as described and more. Very healthy and very well cared for. I will buy from BC'S Balls again 100%. The seller's communication was excellent. Believe i have gained a friend in the hobby.” — chancedarrapids
“I highly recommend BC's Balls. This was my second purchase from them and they were just as great to work with as they were the first time. Great communication, great follow-up, and healthy beautiful ball pythons!” — raptordog

I have been keeping and breeding various species of snakes since 1989. After working with Colubrids for nearly 20 years exclusively my son got a Ball Python for his 7th birthday and since then we have been hooked. We started building our breeding collection in 2016 very selectively with each animal chosen for specific attributes and very high quality. We may not always be the cheapest seller but when you buy from us you get service, assistance and help with anything you need after the sale! There are a lot of options to buy your next animal but if you decide to buy from us know you will be getting an extremely well cared for animal, very high quality expressions of genetics and excellent service after the sale.

Store Policy
Contact is best through Morph Market. No tire kickers please and we list everything at market value by comparison of comparable listings. The only discounts that will be available would be on a package purchase. We work very hard and have invested in the best genetics to provide the highest expressions of genetics and are very busy so serious inquiries only please.

Payment Methods: Preferred and only online payment method available at this time is Invoicing through Paypal. Please contact us for details. The only other payment options at this time are cash, USPS Money Orders or Bank Issued Cashiers Checks with 10 business day hold.

Hub delivery is preferred but home delivery is available if a Hub is not within a reasonable distance. Until Fed Ex starts guaranteeing delivery times and insuring shipments hub pickup will be the only shipping method in most instances.

Live arrival guaranteed as long as picked up within 4 hours of becoming available for pickup for Hub delivery.

DOA claims must be made with pictures of the animal within 1 hour of the FedEx timestamp noting delivery of the package for home delivery or within 2 hours of the Fed Ex timestamp noting pickup for Hub deliveries. DOA's are extremely rare and we take every available precaution to deliver you a healthy well packaged animal!

Sex, genetics and health are always guaranteed and all animals come with a Genetics Certificate. 100% Hets are always guaranteed. We cannot provide any guarantees other than those stated because we cannot always know the conditions the animal is coming into. We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we do not think will provide proper care or we believe to be buying for resale.

Shipping in the continental US is $60 flat rate through Reptiles Express for all animals under 1000g and $75 for animals or combined animal shipments over 1000g. Shipping is free on any animal or combined orders of $1000 or greater regardless of weight!

Local pickup available by meetup appointment in Knoxville Tennessee as well!

Shipping is weather dependent and may vary on holidays and other special circumstances. We only ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday when temps are no higher than 90 and no lower than 40 degrees here, at the connecting hub as well as the destination Hub but there is some wiggle room with hub pickups.

Payment plans available on purchases $500 or greater require a 25% non-refundable deposit with the balance due no more than 30 days after initial payment. For amounts $1000 and up the balance is due no more than 60 days after initial payment. Arrangements can be made for one payment plan extension of 30 days with an added fee of 10% of the original total sales price including shipping. Any balances not paid in full by the deadline or that do not arrange an extension of their payment plan in advance of the deadline will forfeit all monies paid.

By making payment you are accepting these terms and conditions.