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Brett was fantastic to work with, smooth and timely communication, fast shipping and just a smooth overall experience! Quality geckos, and great service, can't beat that! Would recommend 10/10! Definitely would buy from B&MGecko's again!
Rating by s***2 for Pet Only Leopard Gecko ($55.00)
Brett is very easy to work with. This is my 3rd gecko from him. They are all healthy and great looking geckos. Would not hesitate to buy from him again
Rating by g***3 for Bold Jungle Mack Snow Rainbow Cross Het Tremper Leopard Gecko ($175.00)
Great looking gecko! Accurate photographical representation of all 4 geckos iGot from Brett (&M).
Rating by b***s for Extreme Bold Leopard Gecko ($350.00)
Was very responsive and a pleasure doing buisness with. Animal was as advertised and healthy. Thank you
Rating by p***o for Clown Leopard Gecko ($450.00)
I am a first time leopard gecko owner. Brett was very helpful in choosing the gecko that would work for me. Once I got the gecko, he answered all of my questions within 30 minutes through email. It was a pleasure working with Brett.
Rating by s***3 for Tangerine Het Tremper Albino Leopard Gecko ($400.00)
Great transaction, great customer service, fast shipping and awesome leos.
Rating by s***o for Black Blood X Red Diamond Leopard Gecko ($250.00)
Brett with B&M has been great. Definitely will buy from him again.
Rating by c***z for Pet Only Leopard Gecko ($65.00)
Fantastic seller... the geckos came in looking even better than their photos! Great experience, and I hope to come back for more.
Rating by d***s for Mack Snow Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($200.00)
Fantastic seller... the geckos came in looking even better than their photos! Great experience, and I hope to come back for more.
Rating by d***s for Clown Cross Het Tremper Albino Leopard Gecko ($300.00)
Nazanin is even better than described. The seller was professional from day one. Very easy to work with and nazanin is extremely comfortable with my hands, so i feel the seller treated her very well while she was in their care. She also arriv healthy
Rating by a***r for E.m. Afghanicus Leopard Gecko ($200.00)
Great to work with and high attention to husbandry can be seen in the quality of geckos I’ve received.
Rating by f***m for Mack Snow Rainwater Probable W/Y Leopard Gecko ($400.00)
Brett was flexible and communicative throughout.
Rating by d***d for Mack Snow Bell Albino Leopard Gecko ($200.00)
Very responsive
Rating by f***m for Pet Only Leopard Gecko ($60.00)
I absolutely love my little girl! She settled in nicely and is so beautiful and fun to watch her explore her new setup! Brett at bmgecko is amazing with communication! He is very sweet and lovely. Answered all my questions perfectly <3
Rating by p***s for W&Y Tangerine Tremper Leopard Gecko ($250.00)
Excellent transaction in every way! Great communication and super fast shipping. Gecko is gorgeous and arrived in perfect shape. Thanks so much Brett!
Rating by g***o for W/Y Red Stripe Het Raptor Leopard Gecko ($250.00)
Would recommend this company again healthy gecko and beautiful ones to for a reasonable price
Rating by e***0 for Tangerine 50% Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
She arrived right on time and very beautiful! Very sweet temperament and Brett was great! Thanks again!
Rating by a***n for Bold Stripe Bell Albino Leopard Gecko ($225.00)
Was a good experience.
Rating by l***x for Pet Only Leopard Gecko ($60.00)
Experience was wonderful and communication was great. My new leopard gecko was just as described and pictured and packaging was excellent. I am very happy with everything and would definitely recommend this seller.
Rating by i***l for Pet Only Leopard Gecko ($70.00)
10/10 would do business again!
Rating by r***c for Bold Bandit Leopard Gecko ($375.00)
Another great purchase!
Rating by k***s for Tangerine Het Rainwater Leopard Gecko ($250.00)
Everything was perfect! Brett gave clear and quick communication through the whole process. FedEx had a delay unfortunately, but he took care of everything, and the packaging was so perfect that the gecko was completely fine!
Rating by k***s for Tangerine Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
It was a great sale.
Rating by s***n for Reverse Stripe Mack Bell Leopard Gecko ($300.00)
Beautiful geckos!
Rating by b***d for Tremper Sunglow Leopard Gecko ($250.00)
She's perfect. I got her care from here but y'all got her perfectly past the beginning stages. Love her color!! Thank you!
Rating by w***s for Tangerine Bold Leopard Gecko ($325.00)
Excellent experience from top to bottom. I highly recommend this seller.
Rating by 3***s for Pet Only Leopard Gecko ($100.00)
Seller was great, answered every question. Will definitely be buying from again.
Rating by m***p for Super Giant X Montanus Leopard Gecko ($225.00)
Brett was quick to respond, answered my questions, and promptly shipped my order. The geckos look even better in person and the experience was top notch. I look forward to being a repeat customer.
Rating by a***n for Striped Bell Leopard Gecko ($325.00)
Great communication/ response time, fast and courteous, worked with me to set the best date for shipping! Overall a awesome experience and healthy animals, if you are considering pulling the trigger on one of their geckos, I say go for it!
Rating by c***0 for Tangerine Het Radar Leopard Gecko ($325.00)
Brett was awesome glad to have this lil girl home with us.
Rating by b***6 for Bold Stripe Bell Leopard Gecko ($225.00)
She is much prettier in person!!! Can't wait to see how big she gets!!!
Rating by c***9 for Super Giant X Montanus Leopard Gecko ($225.00)
The entire process was smooth and the gecko colors are more vibrant in person.
Rating by b***9 for Bold Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($350.00)
Great quality. I have y'all bookmarked.
Rating by w***s for Emerine Leopard Gecko ($275.00)
Beautiful happy gecko!
Rating by m***r for Striped Rainwater Leopard Gecko ($250.00)
Great communication, I absolutely love that my little man came with a heat pack would recommend 👌
Rating by q***9 for Tangerine Rainwater Leopard Gecko ($200.00)
Brett was great! Shout out to B&M Gecko for this amazing leopard gecko!
Rating by c***5 for Pet Only Leopard Gecko ($75.00)
I purchased 9 Leopard Geckos from Brett at B&M and the experience was great. Brett communicated with me through the entire process and was always quick to respond. It doesn't hurt that the Geckos are all amazing! I can highly recommend Brett at B&M.
Rating by t***n for Bold Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($475.00)
Fast communication and shipping. Gecko arrived safe and healthy. Thanks!
Rating by g***e for Blood Leopard Gecko ($400.00)
Beautiful Gecko, smooth and easy transaction. Good communication, will definitely recommend !
Rating by e***2 for Electric Inferno Leopard Gecko ($525.00)
Seller is easy to communicate with and overall a great experience.The gecko came healthy and beautiful as well :)
Rating by b***d for HX Bold Cross Leopard Gecko ($100.00)
Fair price. The Leopard gecko was in great condition & exactly as described. Highly recommended.
Rating by c***5 for Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($300.00)
Great experience. I had a quick response and Brett was informative about the process the whole time. My leopard gecko game well cared for. Woudl definitely recommend!
Rating by a***y for HX Bold Cross Leopard Gecko ($100.00)
The pictures are real.. the communication is solid... the shipping 2nd to none.. very good seller with beautiful livestock... B&M rocks!!!!!
Rating by g***6 for Tangerine Cross Leopard Gecko ($225.00)
We absolutely love our gecko! B&M gecko was very fast at responding to questions we had and shipping was super fast!
Rating by l***1 for Striped Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
Received quick responses and all my questions were answered. Gecko arrived and looks great! She was packed well. Thank you! Would definitely recommend buying a gecko from BM Gecko!
Rating by b***1 for White And Yellow Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
Great animal, great experience
Rating by d***r for Striped Tangerine Bell Albino Leopard Gecko ($375.00)
Seller kept in constant communication, and was a pleasure to work with.
Rating by s***5 for W&Y Tremper Albino Leopard Gecko ($250.00)
Awesome Tangerine ! Great Colors an Great Eater 😁 Very happy with B&M Gecko.
Rating by r***8 for Tangerine Tremper Albino Leopard Gecko ($175.00)
This was an amazing experience Brett's animals are amazing and my boy was even more beautiful when I received him if you haven't bought from bm gecko yet I highly recommend that you do hi stock is amazing and his customer service is on point!
Rating by k***5 for Bold Jungle Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($175.00)
Brett is prompt and thorough when it comes to communication, accommodating, and has great looking animals to boot. Everything was shipped on time and packaging was perfect. Looking forward to doing business with B&M again in the future.
Rating by s***m for Clown Leopard Gecko ($425.00)