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I will definitely buy from Bob Clark again.
Rating by s***n for Jungle Leopard Boa Constrictor ($575.00)
This experience has been nothing but successful. My first boa constrictor and it’s beautiful as it can be and healthy as an ox. Mr.Clark did a great job and If I was looking for another one soon or in the near future I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out!
Rating by d***u for Kahl Albino Boa Constrictor ($375.00)
Absolutely GORGEOUS snake & sweet as can be! Excellent and prompt communication from the seller, great packaging, everything about the transaction was perfect! Highly recommend!!
Rating by n***h for Kahl Sunglow Albino Boa Constrictor ($575.00)
Our experience with this seller was fantastic. The snake is beautiful and in great health, and arrived in beautiful, secure packaging right on time. We will purchase from this seller again in the future.
Rating by a***l for Lavender Albino Golden Child Reticulated Python ($675.00)
Great communication, quickly and accurately answered any question I could tender and very fast shipment! Definitely don't hesitate to get any snake your looking at from Bob.
Rating by m***3 for Sunfire Het Genetic Stripe And Albino Reticulated Python ($225.00)
The snake is incredible. More than I hoped for. FedEx sucked. Bob shipped her when he said he was going to, but my delivery was delayed one day and I was worried about my baby the whole entire time. Thanks to Bob and his packaging she arrived healthy
Rating by m***2 for Normal Reticulated Python ($200.00)
100 percent satisfied
I appreciate your business Sherman!
Rating by g***1 for Albino Het Genetic Stripe Reticulated Python ($475.00)
100 percent satisfied
Rating by g***1 for Normal Reticulated Python ($175.00)
Was very pleased with my purchase. I called Bob Clark on Tuesday at 620 pm told him what I wanted he packaged it rite then and shipped it out by 630pm when his frd ex guy was on his way. And he said it would be there at 10am and it was there 10:09am
Rating by c***l for Normal Reticulated Python ($200.00)
Excellent customer service! Look forward to doing business again!
Rating by a***l for Normal Reticulated Python ($200.00)
Amazing seller. Our girl came in a timely manner and was even more gorgeous in person
its true, isn't it? thanks Caitlin!
Rating by d***5 for Sun Fire Reticulated Python ($225.00)
Bob Clark is fantastic and I will definitely purchase from him again.
thank you Karen!
Rating by k***m for Normal Reticulated Python ($200.00)
Order a reticulated python and she came in on time and just as pictured! Will be ordering from again
Rating by c***8 for Normal Reticulated Python ($200.00)
He was very responsive to my emails and the Boa looks great!
thank you Derek!
Rating by r***1 for Leopard Boa Constrictor ($675.00)
I would buy again,
Rating by 1***o for Black (P. ) Sumatran Short-tailed Python ($325.00)
I would do business again with this seller.
Rating by 1***o for Black (P. ) Sumatran Short-tailed Python ($325.00)
I paid for the snake with a credit card in the afternoon, and by 10am the next morning, I received my snake. The snake was alert, and I could tell the snake pictured in the ad was the snake I received. Bonus: She's a sweety! Very happy.
thanks for the update and feedback, Michael!
Rating by m***n for VPI T+ Albino Boa Constrictor ($625.00)
Would absolutely recommend doing business with Bob
Rating by s***n for Black (P. ) Sumatran Short-tailed Python ($325.00)
Amazing communication like it even needs to be said STUNNING snakes
Rating by s***n for Black (P. ) Sumatran Short-tailed Python ($325.00)
Perfect transaction. Bob was very professional and the snake was better than I expected. Thank you!
Rating by c***s for Albino Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake ($250.00)
Couldn’t be happier with our new family member. Bob helped us select the perfect snake for us!
thanks for the feedback and I hope I can help you again in the future!
Rating by l***v for Banana Pied Ball Python ($550.00)
Seller was the nicest one I’ve dealt with since I first got into the hobby and extremely professional. This gorgeous snake arrived to the hub with her heat pack still nice and toasty and she was perfectly packaged. The snake is perfect in person
thanks for the update and nice feedback!
Rating by k***0 for Patternless Rock Python ($1,000.00)
Animal was misrepresented to me as a suriname. I later discovered this animal was imported by underground reptiles as a guyana locality and sold for $300. the lot was purchased by Bob clark listed as suriname locality and price doubled.dont recommend
Rating by r***4 for Suriname True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($575.00)
Missed two days of work due to seller negligence and forgetting to ship on scheduled day. Costing me money in lost wageswhich we the seller initially said he would reimburse me for but never did. Overall bad experience.
I"m sorry I didn't meet your expectations, Josh. Things don't always run as smoothly when I'm out of town.
Rating by j***1 for Lesser Scaleless Ball Python ($1,375.00)
Smooth & quick transaction, great customer service, good communication, and beautiful animal. Highly recommended!
Rating by m***r for 100% Het Patternless Rock Python ($575.00)
Everything was great!!!
Rating by p***9 for 100% Het Patternless Rock Python ($650.00)
Great customer service
Rating by j***s for Banana Pied Ball Python ($550.00)
Excellent service speedy delivery beautiful and healthy snake !! Will be making more purchases in the future! Bob is a legend with great animals !!!
Rating by d***3 for Tiger Reticulated Python ($225.00)
Awesome job highly recommend
Rating by b***y for Banana Enchi Ball Python ($250.00)
Rating by m***r for Albino Pied Ball Python ($775.00)
Great experience with Bob Clark and his crew. Fast, easy communication, quick shipping, and a healthy snake. Plus the box they ship in is unique to them and it’s makes you even more excited when you receive it. Thank you!
Rating by s***k for White Head Banana Pinto Pied Ball Python ($1,500.00)
The snake came as planned hasn’t been aggressive other than it pooping in the bag but all was well clean snake thanks Bob!
Rating by a***8 for Dwarf Fire Anery Reticulated Python ($750.00)
It went great
Rating by d***a for Lavender Albino Reticulated Python ($375.00)
Got my retic happy and healthy. He ate the day I got him. Bob was kind and knowledgeable. Highly recommend and would definitely do business with him again
Rating by s***r for Mochino Motley Reticulated Python ($675.00)
Just received a beautiful male phantom from bob Clark. Seems like a really good guy to do business with. Answered all my questions. Very fast in response to all my emails. Beautiful snake and was at my front door the next morning after ordering.
Rating by r***5 for Phantom Het Purple Albino Reticulated Python ($475.00)
Bob is a very pleasant person to interact with. He knows his pythons and they are healthy and packaged during shipments very well. Thanks again and I look forward to more snakes from you.
Rating by j***r for Pied, High White Reticulated Python ($2,000.00)
Dealt directly with Bob Clark throughout and everything about the process was top notch. Immediate response to every single question, beautiful happy Guyana BCC in excellent health arrived promptly overnight in a warmed box. Great buying experience!
Rating by s***e for Guyana True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($575.00)
Good looking snake
Rating by m***4 for Hypo Jungle Boa Constrictor ($275.00)
Because of a weather shipping delay I was accidentally shipped the wrong snake. The snake is healthy, correct sex & similar genes so I am happy anyways. Communication was poor; sometimes my questions were ignored. Overall I still recommend the seller
Rating by h***a for Banana Ball Python ($450.00)
Picked up a beautiful pair of Reticulated Pythons today from Bob Clark...couldn't be happier! Also picked up a pair of Highway Ball Pythons from them last year, and they are eating great and growing like weeds 👍
Rating by y***s for Super Phantom Reticulated Python ($2,500.00)
One of the smoothest online transactions I have had. Seller was responsive, shipped immediately, and the snake arrived as described. I absolutely would recommend this retailer to anyone.
Rating by m***a for White Lip Python Other Python ($575.00)
The shipping box is very attractive but the box is brown while the words and arrows are black it makes it harder to see that there is a live animal in it. The delivery guy was holding it upside down.
Rating by b***n for 100% Het Patternless Rock Python ($575.00)
Bob is a seller recognized for the quality of his animals, he answered all my questions quickly and the shipment was perfect. thanks for the great attention.
Rating by i***s for Kofiau (Canary) Green Tree Python ($1,950.00)
Overall great experience
Rating by o***6 for 100% Het Patternless Rock Python ($575.00)
Bob was great to work with. He responded to my emails within a fair amount of time & shipped promptly. The snake was priced very well and I love the boxes he ships with! Thank you, Bob!
Rating by s***s for Ghost Pied Ball Python ($700.00)
Beautiful animal and fast shipping, what more could you ask for!
Rating by m***s for Super Mystic Ball Python ($450.00)
Extremely fast shipping, excellently packaged, and incredible quality snake!
Rating by a***i for Ghost Pied Ball Python ($700.00)
Bob went above and beyond in getting this girl to me for my daughters birthday. She's beautiful and will buy from him again
Rating by b***0 for Banana Ball Python ($450.00)
Bob Clark makes beautiful animals, and what can I say that I’m sure hasn’t been said though, he’s been doing this forever, he’s got it down, knows what he’s doing. If you want a beautiful animal from a reputable seller, definitely go with Bob Clark.
Rating by s***e for Lavender Albino Reticulated Python ($375.00)
Was an excellent experience. Was very friendly as if it wasn't our first exchange.
Rating by o***2 for Albino Ball Python ($250.00)