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This snake is so beautiful!! The seller is so nice and very easy to work with! Will buy from again!
Thanks so much! Glad you like her!!
Rating by r***s for Hypo Chocolate Pin Ball Python ($450.00)
She seems like a very healthy snake, and she is certainly beautiful. Jeremy's communication was excellent. Would purchase from him again.
Thanks so much! Glad you like her!
Rating by 8***s for Lavender Albino Het Pied Ball Python ($1,000.00)
The snake I received is the same snake depicted in the ad. Communication with the seller was great. Shipping followed everything I consider as standard best practices for shipping reptiles. Great perience. I would purchase again from this seller.
Thanks so much!
Rating by c***g for Enchi Lucifer Yellow Belly Fader Poss Odium 66% Pos Het Pied Ball Python ($500.00)
Excellent customer service, fast response, friendly, courteous and great specimen !!
Thanks so much, PJ! It was a pleasure doing business with you! Glad you like the animal!
Rating by p***n for T+ Albino Blood Python ($600.00)
Happy with purchase. Boa came in well packaged and appeared healthy. Highly recommend. Thanks again
Thank you so much! Glad you like her!
Rating by h***4 for LARGE Female Colored Amazon Tree Boa ($500.00)
Jeremy has great communication, he's clear, informative, and accommodating. I picked this girl up locally and had a very easy time making arrangements for that. The animal I purchased is absolutely beautiful! Highly recommend!
Thank you so much!
Rating by s***p for Matrix Lyly Het T+ Albino Blood Python ($800.00)
Picture did not do him justice! He is a beautiful animal. Jeremy went above and beyond to answer my questions. The snake was packaged extremely well, arrived on time and in perfect condition. We would not hesitate to purchase another from BMR.
Much appreciated man! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 So glad you like him!
Rating by t***2 for Striped Batik 50% Ph T- Blood Python ($625.00)
Very Responsive, I truly didn't know I was going to meet Jeremy of all people that day lol. He knows his stuff, takes care of his animals quite well, they have good temperaments and feeding well. Got a zebra carpet python from him and all is well =)
Rating by v***n for Zebra Other Carpet Python ($475.00)
Amazing guy to deal with great snake.
Rating by e***9 for 2021 Male Zebra Ocelot Other Carpet Python ($550.00)
Great guy
Rating by m***o for Batik 50% Pos Het T- Blood Python ($550.00)
Very nice snake
Rating by o***5 for Colored Amazon Tree Boa ($375.00)
Packing was good but FedEx damaged the package badly. Apart from that, the seller was excellent.
Rating by c***r for LTC Red Beaked Snakes Other Colubrid ($150.00)
I purchased 3 ATBs from Jeremy at Brass Man - and they are all great. At no step in the process could have anything been better, and all 3 boas are great looking, arriving in perfect condition. Thank you, Jeremy!
Rating by t***n for USCBB Male Orange Patterned Amazon Tree Boa ($300.00)
Beautiful animal, perfect condition, still warm even though it’s winter. Great communication from seller, quick responses. Will be buying from him again
Rating by r***c for USCBB Yellow Patterned ATB Tree Boa ($300.00)
Very impressed with communication and response time
Rating by a***k for Striped Low Expression Ocelot Jungle Carpet Python ($475.00)
Great buying experience and stunning animal with a great disposition.
Rating by l***s for Poss Super Caramel Jaguar Coastal Carpet Python ($500.00)