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Good honest company, easy to work with and would definitely do work with again in the future!
Rating by c***1 for Pied VPI Axanthic Ball Python ($2,650.00)
Great communication and amazing pythons. Will definitely acquire more from them.
Rating by g***n for Fire Or Vanilla Clown Ball Python ($750.00)
Andre was awesome to work with! Very understanding, knowledgeable. I will definitely buy another python from Capital Reptiles again. Strongly recommend this company to anyone interested in reptiles.
Rating by c***3 for Pied Het VPI Axanthic Het Lavender Poss Red Gene Ball Python ($1,750.00)
Great service and communication! Received a nice healthy snake
Rating by p***s for Pastel Het Desert Ghost Het Clown Ball Python ($225.00)
Very pleased - fine example of a pastel and two hets to boot! Came packaged w a heat pack which was very beneficial because snake was left on porch by Fedex.
Rating by d***0 for Pastel Het Pied Het Desert Ghost 50% Het Clown Ball Python ($400.00)
A+ customer service. Animal arrived in excellent health. Packaging was great as well. Would recommend to anyone.
Rating by j***s for VPI Axanthic Het Pied Ball Python ($550.00)
Beautiful animal, no problems what so ever
Rating by m***h for VPI Axanthic Het Pied Ball Python ($1,100.00)