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Great to do business with.
Rating by b***s for Harlequin Crested Gecko ($250.00)
Animal arrived (2900g female) in a used cardboard box with no insulation, none of the required signage on the box, not labeled as a live animal, and had a few pieces of loosely packed crumpled paper around her. Terrible shipping
Never signed for a reptile I’ve had shipped. She had thick brown packing paper in her box as opposed to crumpled up newspaper that most people ship with. also used bubble wrap on the top of the box to keepfrom bouncing around , injury in shipment
Rating by c***b for Normal Het Hypo Ball Python ($140.00)
Great doing business!
Rating by b***1 for Super Pastel Super Enchi 100% Het Vpi Axanthic Ball Python ($350.00)
Was not what was described was sold as female and I received a male.
You were offered to return snake and get refund and denied . I offered to also have it checked about by reptile vet and that was also denied .
Rating by j***n for Vpi Axanthic Ball Python ($400.00)