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Great communication, answered all of my questions in a timely manner and was very helpful. Beautiful, healthy snake! :)
Rating by c***o for Pumice (Lava Cinder) Corn Snake ($400.00)
Chris is easily one of the best sellers I have ever purchased from. Stayed in touch and went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied with the pair I received. Will definitely do business again! Thanks brother!
Rating by b***n for 2014 Normal Het Albino Corn Snake ($150.00)
The snake was as described and packaged very carefully. Communication with the seller was good and he provided interesting details about the snake's parents.
Rating by n***k for Miami-Dade Locality Corn Snake ($125.00)
Awesome guy to do business with and quick to respond! Animals were amazing and came packaged nicely and secured. Solid breeder I definitely will be buying from him again.
Rating by e***6 for Reverse Okeetee Tessera Corn Snake ($160.00)
Very responsive and easy to work with
Rating by r***s for Amelanistic Het Scaleless, Anerythristic, Motley Corn Snake ($175.00)