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Frank was very easy to work with and shipped fast!
Rating by b***s for CBH 2022 King Mole Kingsnake ($140.00)
Very easy to work with and sent me literature on what they sent me.
Rating by a***s for 2022 Marginated Tortoise ($175.00)
I had a great experience with Frank! Great communication throughout the process. My snake arrived safely and quickly. The little one is healthy, alert, and just as described! I will definitely be purchasing from this seller again in the future!
Rating by g***o for Female 2022 Candy Cane Tessera Corn Snake ($140.00)
I ordered 2 snakes, both arrived quickly and in good health. Communication was great. I look forward to doing business again for sure!
Rating by t***l for Grey Banded King Gray-banded Kingsnake ($225.00)
i would buy from this seller again. the snakes were great.
Rating by d***s for Well Started BEAUTIFUL Babies Albino Checkered Garter Snake ($125.00)
A great transaction - got exactly the turtle we were looking for.
Rating by t***n for Loggerhead Musk Mud & Musk Turtle ($100.00)
Smooth transaction as always. Animals always arrive in perfect condition exactly as described. Thank you
Rating by j***3 for Female Albino Checkered Garter Pinkie Feeder Garter Snake ($175.00)
Snake is in great health and seller was super knowledgeable and helpful.
Rating by j***s for Huge 2021 Babies Gopher Snake ($140.00)
Smooth transaction, awesome blue beauty!! Thanks!!
Rating by p***4 for Blue Beauties Huge Well Started Beauty Rat Snake ($350.00)
Would recommend Frank to everyone!
Rating by h***o for Adult Ornate Box Turtles CBH Box Turtles & Terrapin ($250.00)
Perfectly packed and healthy animal. And they are indeed well started, with the new arrival feeding within three days after being shipped. Would recommend purchasing from this breeder.
Rating by k***4 for Blue Beauties Huge Well Started Beauty Rat Snake ($350.00)
Happy healthy little MBK only wish I could know the hatch date
subtract appx 5 weeks from time of purchase I hatched 2500 babies so there is no way to keep track of the exact hatch date ;)
Great! Thank you so much!! He’s a great little addition to my collection. I would recommend seller.
Rating by r***a for Male 2021 Mexican Black Kingsnake ($190.00)
Beautiful tortoise.
Rating by h***2 for US Bred And Hatched 2020 Ibera Greek Tortoise ($230.00)
It all went great and the animal seems healthy.
Rating by j***l for Proven Breeder Male Red Foot Red-footed Tortoise ($290.00)
Very professional organization. The animals arrived and we’re exactly as described. The animals are very healthy and doing well. The seller was a pleasure to work with.
Rating by g***0 for Female 2019 Black Rat Western Rat Snake ($250.00)
Great communication from breeder. Animal was healthy and fantastic. Will buy again..hopefully a female haha
Rating by s***3 for 2019 Male Blk Rat Other Rat Snake ($200.00)
I’m happy
Rating by c***9 for High White Leopard Tortoise ($350.00)
She looked great and healthy, answered all the questions we had. Our only concern is that she came in a normal box when we went to fedex. FedEx had no idea there was a live animal in the box and said there was a chance she was tossed around
Rating by z***8 for 100% Het Lavender Western Hognose ($300.00)
Rating by t***a for Female Lavender Western Hognose ($700.00)
I was excited that my Turtle came in on time. Turtle came in on timeAnd the seller is very professional. He answered all my emails in questions. For 1st time buying offline with this company. If I could put a 100 rating on it I would do it. I am ver
Rating by b***1 for Truly Natures Last Dinosaur Alligator Snappers Snapping Turtle ($100.00)
Frank is super nice. Quick reply’s to my communication. Answered all of my questions. Talked with him for a bit when we went to pick up our Tegu, he is very knowledgeable and super nice. I would highly recommend Frank 😁 oh and the Tegu is perfect!
Rating by c***e for Captive Bred And Hatched Argentine Black And White Tegu ($275.00)
Frank is great, he will give you all the information you need !! Will be buying from him again soon
Rating by d***w for 2020 Ghost Corn Snake ($100.00)
Shipping was very fast and arrived safe and sound! Thanks again
Rating by m***0 for Cbh Tsf Map Turtle ($80.00)
I received a very ill Redfoot hatchling after taking it to an emergency vet yesterday..the hope of surviving is very slim, severely calcium deficiency and extremely malnourished the guy finally refunded my money. He has no business selling anything..
"Finally" buyer money was refunded with no questions notice how her one red negative comment is surrounded by nothing but positive comments. Some people no matter how hard you try you can just not make happy. Sellers beware of selling to this buyer
Rating by s***e for 2020 Well Started Redfoot Red-footed Tortoise ($160.00)
Frank was easy to work with & didn’t make me feel like a burden by asking for additional photos. I appreciate the hatchling was started on FT pinkies - I’ve found some sellers start on (less obtainable) lizards/scented pinks but don’t disclose that.
Rating by m***x for ( - ) San Luis Potosi Kingsnake ($150.00)
Frank is a class act... went to pick up the snake in person... Kingsley is a great new pet.. ate a pinky before we even showed him his home... Fantastic set up... very knowledgeable... just a great experience.. my boys are thrilled...Thanks Frank..
Rating by n***r for Male 2020 Blk King Eastern Kingsnake ($150.00)
The only thing that could have a made this transaction any better is a an email with info about general care (or how the animal has been cared for at their location), but I'm sure Frank would be happy to chat if I gave him a call. Thanks!
Rating by h***b for Truly Natures Last Dinosaur Alligator Snappers Snapping Turtle ($100.00)
I will be a repeat customer,easy to do business with,has very healthy animals...
Rating by s***0 for Truly Natures Last Dinosaur Alligator Snappers Snapping Turtle ($100.00)
Good communication and love the Eastern Black Kingsnake. Would definitely purchase from again.
Rating by k***d for Black Kingsnake Eastern Kingsnake ($190.00)
Beautiful Animal very satisfied definitely a living dinosaur appreciate you for your service!!!
Rating by m***1 for Truly Natures Last Dinosaur Alligator Snappers Snapping Turtle ($100.00)
Got a healthy, spunky snake asap! Secure and safe packaging, super discreet about there being a reptile inside the package though, which is good if you're worried about it getting stolen or "lost" in the mail. It made me nervous but he was ok
Rating by h***2 for Leucistic Texas Rat Western Rat Snake ($275.00)
The tortoise arrived safe and healthy at the exact time it was scheduled to show up. Very pleased.
Rating by b***n for CBH 2019 Tortise Leopard Tortoise ($180.00)
No warning that she had mites and damages to her scales.
Rating by k***s for Sub Adult Will Breed Next Season Female Albino Artic California Kingsnake ($325.00)
Emailed Mr. Patinella at 6:30 the day of listing and received an email back immediately. The black rat I purchased is the darkest I have seen online so far, takes f/t mice readily and is absolutely the sweetest girl imaginable. Highly recommended
Rating by g***s for Female Black Rat Poss Het Albino Western Rat Snake ($160.00)
Beautiful snake
Rating by s***1 for Male Tiger Rat ( Spilotes Pullatus ) Other Rat Snake ($275.00)
Packaging was great an I love the shirt.
Rating by c***a for Albino Everglades Het Pattern-less Eastern Rat Snake ($70.00)
Thanks Frank. Doing great! Talk soon for another,dave
Rating by d***7 for Female Tessera Het Blood Red Corn Snake ($130.00)
Frank was very helpful and always answered his phone or emailed me back quick. I will buy from him without concern. Got 2 corn snakes today and doing great! Oh and a nice t shirt,thanks frank
Rating by d***7 for CBH 2019 Abbott Okeetee INV # 116 Corn Snake ($115.00)
Wonderful guy to work with. Had some hiccups in the snake I received but he fixed it. Will be buying from Frank again in the future.
Rating by b***r for Proven Breeder Yellow Bull Bullsnake ($190.00)
Frank was incredibly nice and quick to respond. And my snake came on time and very healthy and active. She is perfect! Thanks guys!! I would highly recommend these wonderful guys!
Rating by d***2 for CB 2019 Female #91 Corn Snake ($80.00)
Communication was a little clipped and impersonal, but overall a good buying experience and great animal!
Rating by r***l for CBH 2019 Female Snow PH Hypo Corn Snake ($120.00)
The package arrived a little after 11 am my time. There was no heat pack to keep the snake warm during shipping and it would have been nice to receive a card showing birth date, weight, and feedings. Happy overall though.
Rating by m***0 for Female LG X Poss Het AX Inv # 52 Western Hognose ($225.00)
Babies Vietnamese pond turtles arrived next day and are eating and swimming like nothing ever happened 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Rating by k***0 for Vietnamese Pond Turtle Pond & Softshell Turtle ($70.00)
Frank was very kind and helpful and my corn snake came safe and sound.
Rating by h***d for Female 2019 Halo A-mell Het Snow Corn Snake ($140.00)
This seller is amazing. My snake is super healthy and absolutely beautiful. Would buy from him again in a heartbeat.
Rating by c***0 for JMG Coral Ghost AKA Red Factor Hypo Anery Corn Snake ($100.00)
Thanks Frank You're The Best. Amazing Snake ! A+ Healthy and Beautiful !
Rating by m***s for D'Albertis Python AKA White-lipped Python ($400.00)
Super friendly, fast and professional. Snake is doing great.
Rating by j***d for Female Yellow Ghost Western Hognose ($200.00)
First time using MorphMarket and was and super easy experience and an very satisfied with Coldblooded Novelties
Rating by j***8 for Female Cherry Bomb Motley Corn Snake ($170.00)
We love our little hoggie. Very happy with our experience.
Rating by b***y for Yellow Phase Western Western Hognose ($170.00)
Frank was friendly and efficient. The turtles arrived in perfect condition and on time. Definitely happy with my purchase and will have more in the future.
Rating by e***e for Pearl River Map Turtle ($125.00)