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Very nice company, would purchase again. Thank you for this great looking female.
Rating by s***6 for 1600 Shipped Hypo Double Het Sterling/ Anery Type 1 Boa Constrictor ($1,600.00)
Rob was amazing. Great communication and an easy transaction overall. I definitely recommend purchasing from him.
Rating by k***2 for 66% Het Sterling 50% Het Anery 50% Het Kahl Albino Pos Het VPI T+ Boa Constrictor ($100.00)
My new boa arrived healthy and as advertised. Seller was responsive. She's absolutely stunning and in great condition.
Thank you!
Rating by t***t for Hypo Jungle Key West 66% Het Kahl Albino 50% Het Anerythristic (RDR Black Eye) Boa Constrictor ($500.00)
I received this beautiful female today. She arrived alive and well. The communication with the seller (Concealed Constrictors) was outstanding. Thank you guys for a beautiful boa!
Rating by k***e for Hypo Jungle Het Blood Boa Constrictor ($350.00)
Nice Boa. Great customer service. Thanks a lot..
Rating by o***3 for CA T+ Sunglow 66% Het Blood Boa Constrictor ($400.00)
Great animal! Healthy and couldn’t find f had a better experience!
Rating by b***s for Hypo Blood Boa Constrictor ($850.00)
The purchase went well. Rob was good about communicating shipping. She is super easy to handle. Now it’s time to make VPI snows!
Rating by j***t for Hypo DH VPI Snow Boa Constrictor ($1,700.00)
Rob is wonderful to work with, I highly recommend. My new boa is amazing - she's healthy and eats well. Thank you!
Rating by s***o for CA T+ Albino 66% Het Blood Boa Constrictor ($250.00)
Absolutely beautiful specimen, no complaints to be had, super healthy, absolutely beautiful and buyer still sent her after realizing she was a sunglow and not just albino! Amazing person to deal with and great pricing
Rating by d***s for Key West Lipstick Albino Pos Het Anery Boa Constrictor ($600.00)
Beautiful healthy male I received. Great communication and a smooth transaction. Will do business again.
Rating by m***m for IMG Lipstick Sunglow Boa Constrictor ($1,900.00)
Beautiful healthy female I received. Great communication and a smooth transaction. Will do business again.
Rating by m***m for Flamingo Pastel Hypo Jungle Het Albino Boa Constrictor ($1,200.00)
Couldn’t be happier ! FedEx made a mistake that cost me but Concealed constrictors offered a discount for FedEx messing up witch is pretty awesome in its self . Not to mention how amazing the jungle blood is . Thank you
Thanks David! I'm glad you're happy
Rating by d***4 for Blood Jungle Boa Constrictor ($600.00)
Awesome all the way around . I purchased 2 boas . They were very easy to communicate with & Shipped them safely ! So I’m now the proud owner of some beautiful boas ! Thanks Concealed Constrictors
Rating by d***4 for 2018 Sunglow Het Blood (Sun Dragon) Male Boa Constrictor ($2,200.00)
Animal was even more beautiful in person than he appeared in photos. Helpful communication, quick responses. 5 stars.
Rating by d***n for Hypo Pos Jungle Het Blood Boa Constrictor ($175.00)
Amazing transaction, Very Understanding, and great business! couldn't be more happy with everything especially the quality of the boas! Thanks for everything!
Thanks brother!
Rating by e***s for Hypo Het VPI Het Anery Type 1 Boa Constrictor ($1,500.00)
Easy to work with and great looking animal. Very happy
Thanks Jon! It was great working with you. Keep me posted on your projects
Rating by j***k for Pure Sonoran Leopard Boa Constrictor ($1,100.00)
Good communication
Rating by s***t for Pos Super Hypo Jungle Het Blood Boa Constrictor ($400.00)
Unexpected great size on an animal for it's age. Seller waiting until it was safe to ship and made it well worth the wait.
Rating by k***s for Pos Super Hypo Jungle Blood Boa Constrictor ($1,050.00)
Very friendly and the snake looks great
Rating by j***n for Kahl Sunglow 66% Het Blood Boa Constrictor ($900.00)
Great guy, very helpful, good communication. A++ would purchase from again. Thanks!!
Rating by n***k for Type 1 Anery Het VPI Boa Constrictor ($1,300.00)
Beautiful boa, smooth transaction, thank you!
Rating by r***0 for CA T+ Albino 66% Het Blood Boa Constrictor ($250.00)
Had a great experience dealing with Robert at Concealed Constrictors. He was able to work with me on my shipping needs and communication throughout the transaction was quick, clear, and thorough. Highly recommend!
Rating by j***r for IMG Motley Key West 66% Het Kahl Albino Pos Het Anerythristic (RDR Black Eye) Boa Constrictor ($2,000.00)
Great all around. Communication with the seller was fast and he answered all my questions. The snake arrived safe, healthy, and just as described. Could not be happier.
Rating by m***s for Pos Super Hypo Jungle Het Blood Boa Constrictor ($500.00)
Excellent buyer experience from a great breeder who has produced top notch animals. He was extremely pleasant to deal with and I plan on being a repeat purchaser for sure!
Rating by l***s for Blood Boa Constrictor ($475.00)
I purchased two animals from Robert and both were fine specimens which proved accurate to their described details. Great boas from a great guy.
Rating by l***s for Phoenix CA T+ Sunglow Blood Boa Constrictor ($2,200.00)
Beautiful Boa arrived and exactly as described. Great communication, would highly recommend and purchase again from Seller.
Rating by k***3 for Venezuelan Paraguanera Peninsula Boa Constrictor ($700.00)
Five star experience! Great snake, great customer service!
Rating by b***s for Tamaulipas Cloud Forest Boa Boa Constrictor ($300.00)
Very communicative and informative. Shipping time was perfect. All around great experience.
Rating by k***z for Dumeril's Boa Harding Line Other Boa ($500.00)
Absolutely stunning hog Island boa great communication from Seller smooth transition from start to finish highly recommend this seller I plan on buying from this seller down the road.
Rating by v***f for Hog Island Boa Boa Constrictor ($250.00)
Smooth transaction. She is healthy and as described. Came in looking great! Thank you!
Rating by c***s for Kunashir Island Rat Other Rat Snake ($100.00)