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All I have to say is very awesome
Rating by s***7 for Spotnose Firefly Ball Python ($300.00)
I am a repeat customer and am always happy with the quality of the snakes I get from them
Rating by m***w for Spotnose Firefly Ball Python ($300.00)
Great experience. Would not hesitate to buy from them again and you should have the same confidence. A seamless transaction.
Rating by p***0 for Pastel Het. Pied Ball Python ($100.00)
Great communication and answered all my questions about. The snake arrived in excellent condition and the package was still warm. Will definitely buy from again.
Rating by s***2 for Enchi Het. Ghost Ball Python ($100.00)
Fantastic Seller. Great communication the entire process and very pleased with the animal.
Rating by 4***c for Pastel Ball Python ($50.00)
Extremely pleasant transaction. Absolutely obvious Dapper goes above and beyond to ensure your new addition arrives healthy, warm and ready to settle into their new home. Thank you again! Shes absolutely gorgeous!
Rating by d***3 for Pastel Ball Python ($50.00)
This seller was fantastic. This was our 13 year old sons first snake on his own and they answered all of his questions and helped prepare him with the care this specific snake would require. We are overjoyed at how beautiful the snake is! Happy!!!!!
Rating by k***s for Pastel Ball Python ($50.00)
My beautiful pastel arrived safe and sound. She is a little stressed from shipping so I am letting her calm down a bit in her new home before I handle her.
Rating by j***e for Pastel Ball Python ($50.00)
Very great service was shipped out a week after buying it but that was due to weather but got here safely I was kept updated on the snake and the shipping which was great and I would myself buy from this seller again
Rating by j***n for Fire Ball Python ($75.00)
I would definitely recommend purchasing more ball pythons from this breeder. Awesome looking pastel I got from this person and I love my snake to death worth every penny I got!
Rating by a***n for Pastel Ball Python ($50.00)
Seller communication was outstanding, and the animal arrived healthy and in great condition. I really appreciate the added last feeding date and genetics on a separate card that I can keep with the animal to easily identify him.
Rating by b***n for Pastel Pied Ball Python ($350.00)
Very satisfied with what I got!!!!
Rating by g***4 for Pied Ball Python ($350.00)
The whole process went really smooth and I got exactly what I wanted.
Rating by k***e for Normal Ball Python ($25.00)
Great response time great experience will definitely buy for them again i got a beautiful pastel very healthy
Rating by m***e for Pastel Ball Python ($75.00)
Hand down amazing transaction no problem very happy with everything
Rating by j***9 for Spotnose Pastel Ball Python ($95.00)
I had a wonderful experience buying my first ball python online! Dapper Python was very kind, communicative, and helpful. I had lots of questions that were quickly answered - the transaction went smoothly - and the snake is just perfect!
Rating by a***n for Mojave Ball Python ($65.00)
Very satisfied with my experience with Dapper Python Lounge. This was my first time buying a BP and they couldn't have been more helpful. Highly recommend!
Rating by a***y for 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($50.00)
Purchasing from Dapper Python Lounge was an incredibly pleasant and smooth process. They were beyond helpful by responded quickly and willing to answer all my questions in detail. Packaging:4/5 only because he arrived really cold without the heatpad.
Rating by a***j for Pied High White Ball Python ($280.00)
Purchaced a gorgeous male pied, it was much butter than what I hoped it would be. Hope to do business with them again and again. Thanks again.
Rating by i***t for Pastel Pied Paradox Ball Python ($375.00)
Amazing looking snake. The seller communicated great
Rating by d***m for Spotnose Pastel Ball Python ($95.00)
I would recommend this breeder they worked with me no matter what questions I had and the snake is a wonderful pet my daughter loves him to death!!
Rating by m***9 for Pastel Ball Python ($75.00)
Just received 2 Het Red Axanthic males, were EVERYTHING I hoped for! Beautiful, healthy snakes, alert and active. Communication and service is GREAT! Wonderful transaction, thanks again!👍
Rating by r***1 for Het Red Axanthic Het Caramel Albino Ball Python ($75.00)
I was very happy with my experience. The price was reasonable, responses were fast, animal arrived healthy and as described.
Rating by c***1 for Normal Ball Python ($25.00)
Communication was spot on! Shipping was perfect. She is a even more beautiful than the photos and healthy! Thank you and hope to be doing more business with you in the future!
Rating by j***k for Spotnose Pastel Vanilla Ball Python ($250.00)
this was my first experience buying an animal online, and they made this transaction as smooth & easy as possible. our girl got here, & she is soo beautiful. they answered every question i had & never made me feel like i was a burden! thank you again
Rating by c***5 for Pastel Ball Python ($60.00)
Amazing seller and experience! Snake is perfect! Would purchase from them again!
Rating by a***0 for Pastel Spotnose Vanilla Ball Python ($250.00)
awesome customer service
Rating by m***z for Pastel Ball Python ($40.00)