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Great seller with excellent quality animals. Exactly as pictured and described. Would buy from again. Thank you.
Rating by e***p for Tangerine Bell Het Eclipse Possible W/Y Leopard Gecko ($130.00)
I can’t tell you how happy we were with this experience. This breeder is knowledgeable, kind, and professional. So happy with our new little leo!
Rating by s***y for Extreme Bold Cross Leopard Gecko ($265.00)
First ever lizard and he is quite healthy
Rating by z***c for Normal Het Tremper Leopard Gecko ($50.00)
The Seller made everything really simple via website. My gecko is exactly what I ordered, and he looks beautiful and well cared for. I am a very happy customer, and looking forward to growing old with this one.
Rating by t***1 for Tangerine 50% Het Tremper Leopard Gecko ($175.00)
Amazing gecko! And communication. Came as described with sweet and curious personality.
Rating by j***6 for Pet Only Leopard Gecko ($60.00)
Gecko exactly as described!
Rating by p***s for High Contrast Reverse Stripe RAPTOR Leopard Gecko ($170.00)
Gorgeous, well-adjusted Gecko! I love her so much, I purchased 2 more from Decked Out! I highly recommend this breeder!
Rating by j***a for Tangerine 50% Het Tremper Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
Great seller to work with. Very happy with the product and transaction
Rating by f***s for Tangerine Het Bell And Eclipse (Poss W/Y) Leopard Gecko ($65.00)
Seller was very polite and professional.
Rating by d***o for Tangerine PH Tremper Leopard Gecko ($200.00)