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Great service. Great animal
Rating by a***r for Banana Yellowbelly (Probable Enchi) 100% Het Ultramel Ball Python ($350.00)
5 star experience all around. Will definitely be purchasing again!
Rating by c***4 for Pastel Pied 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($1,150.00)
Very happy customer. Great communication, Garrick answered all my questions. I ended up buying two snakes from him and both came in looking stunning. Thank you Garrick
Rating by i***s for Spinnerblast Genetic Stripe Ball Python ($700.00)
Great experience he got right back to me anytime I emailed him and the snake came well packaged and healthy!
Rating by c***s for Pied 100% Het Lavender Albino Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Beautiful female Albino Enchi het Clown arrived safe and sound! Pleasant experience overall.
Rating by w***s for Albino Enchi 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($600.00)
Excellent animal and communication
Rating by b***l for Super Orange Dream Pinstripe Ball Python ($500.00)
Rating by r***8 for Albino Clown Ball Python ($1,100.00)
Awesome snake and very friendly service! Would definitely buy again for RCD.
Rating by b***a for Pied 50% Possible Het Clown (With Color Enhancing Gene) Ball Python ($550.00)
She is absolutely gorgeous. The seller made sure she was shipped in perfect condition amd waited until the heat in my state calmed down a bit. I am absolutely in love 😍
Rating by c***n for Bamboo Spinnerblast Ball Python ($550.00)
Wonderful breeder and very responsive. I see many snakes from Royal Constrictor Designs In my future collection!
Rating by l***3 for Firefly 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($350.00)
We bough a pastel sugar female and banana het pied male from Garrick and picked them up rather than have them shipped. His facility is super clean, and our animals are doing great!
Rating by m***6 for Pastel Sugar Ball Python ($200.00)
Wonderful breeder and very responsive. I see many snakes from Royal Constrictor Designs In my future collection!
Rating by l***3 for Bamboo Mystic Ball Python ($850.00)
Snake was shipped fast, Garrick was quick to respond to any questions I had, he arrived exactly as described, in perfect health, and the heat packs were still warm. Very pleased with my experience with Royal Constrictor Designs!
Rating by p***s for GHI Coral Glow 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($600.00)
Beautiful snake in a timely manner
Rating by g***8 for Coral Glow Pied Ball Python ($600.00)
Overall a wonderful experience and would love to buy again! I adore the personal touch of including their DOB on their packaging! They are gorgeous snakes, pictures did them no justice!
Rating by p***n for Bamboo 100% Het Genetic Stripe Ball Python ($450.00)
Great quality, healthy animals and a quick, easy process!
Rating by a***g for Pastel Lesser Hypo Clown Ball Python ($1,750.00)
Garrick is super easy to do business with! I’m excited to start me albino projects thru him! Thx dude I received them healthy and all!!
Rating by m***g for Leopard Clown 100% Het Albino Ball Python ($1,200.00)
Stellar communication and customer service! While my first choice was no longer available, Garrick contacted me and offered a discount on another snake. I am just as pleased with this snake as I would have been with my first choice.
Rating by d***m for Albino Yellowbelly Ball Python ($300.00)
Wonderful communication! Beautiful animal!
Rating by t***s for Orange Dream Butter Fire (Probable Pastel) Ball Python ($300.00)
Animal arrived healthy and packaged well. He looks great. Will definitely be purchasing from Garrick again.
Rating by m***v for Killerbee Clown Ball Python ($575.00)
I actually purchased 3 ball pythons and they all shipped at the same time. It was great opening them up and seeing such great packaging and care was taken to ship them. The communication was spot on. I have already said I would be a return customer.
Rating by m***1 for Albino Bamboo Ball Python ($700.00)
Great transaction. Garrick was very responsive and communication was perfect. Snake arrived in beautiful condition and is settling in. Would definitely purchase again.
Rating by d***n for Champagne 100% Het Toffee Ball Python ($300.00)
Garrick sent the snake out on Tuesday and reached me on Wednesday at noon packaged perfectly and healthy. Thanks
Rating by d***k for Jigsaw Killer Clown Ball Python ($1,350.00)
Great communication, packaged well and healthy animals.
Rating by p***n for 100% Double Het Ultramel Hypo Ball Python ($900.00)
Amazing animal and great service!
Rating by m***s for Super OD Fire Pinstripe Ball Python ($475.00)
Awesome Experience from start to finish! Garrick DeMeyer is professional, personable & knowledgeable. With such a clean, beautiful & large collection to choose from. A must see, must get!!! Totally recommend! Luv, my unique beautiful snake named UFO!
Rating by a***9 for Bamboo Leopard Pinstripe Ball Python ($550.00)
Awesome customer service the animals were beyond what I expected. They were delivered. In the middle of winter and they're perfectly warm when I receive them. Thank you again.
Rating by c***s for Pewter (Black Pastel) 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($450.00)
Great communication, awesome animal!
Rating by j***s for Cinnamon Lesser Genetic Stripe 66% Poss. Het Clown Ball Python ($850.00)
Great communication, great package deal, and allowed me a payment plan. Received my snakes today shortly after making final payment. I could not be happier with my purchase and the over all quality and professionalism provided. Thanks again
Rating by r***3 for Pastel Bamboo Clown Ball Python ($2,200.00)
The snake I got was healthy and arrived safely! Garrick was very understanding of my financial situation and allowed me to make payments on the snake. He communicated with me within a day if I ever had a question and he was always courteous!
Rating by s***_ for Orange Dream Fire Butter Spinner (Enchi?) Ball Python ($400.00)
He arrived on time in perfect condition. No health issues. Only thing is he came with no information on his care or food. The picture on morph market was a bit different. Guess it was a generated pic. But still happy with him. Thanks
Rating by s***y for Banana Calico Lemonblast Ball Python ($300.00)
Awesome boy and great communication
Rating by d***s for Banana Killer Clown Ball Python ($1,000.00)
I purchased a GHI pied and he was received in perfect condition.
Rating by p***s for GHI Pied Ball Python ($1,250.00)
Fast and helpful! Would definitely buy again.
Rating by k***z for Mystic Bumblebee Ball Python ($500.00)
Our girl arrived in great condition, on time and Garrick was very responsive to our questions. Thanks for a great experience.
Rating by t***r for Super Vanilla Ball Python ($400.00)
Very happy with our purchase, excellent communication and fast shipping.
Rating by d***r for Super Hypo Tangerine Carrottail Baldy Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
Garrick has responded quickly and completely to all questions about this snake and another that I inquired about. He quickly and safely shipped the snake that I bought. It was really easy to buy from him and the animal I received is excellent.
Rating by s***s for Enchi Mystic Potion Ball Python ($500.00)
Very helpful through the process snake arrived alive and well packaged happy with my purchase
Rating by s***s for GHI Mojave Firefly Ball Python ($550.00)
we purchased 3 snakes from this man. I am impressed between mike wilbanks and royal constrictors great experience
Rating by j***i for Clown Ball Python ($450.00)
Very easy to deal with and quick communication. WBFA
Rating by s***s for Clown 100% Het Hypo Ball Python ($700.00)
Garrick was wonderful to work with and was very patient and understanding. Thank you for the beautiful ball python, she is amazing
Rating by t***8 for GHI Mystic Ball Python ($400.00)
Garrick is great at communicating in a timely and professional manner. He's considerate for the safety of the animals. My purchase had a minor unnoticed birth defect, and he gladly helped to rectify this situation for me.
Rating by b***s for Hypo Lesserbee Ball Python ($300.00)
The owner is a really nice guy and the snake arrived in great condition.
Rating by r***9 for Toffino Ball Python ($300.00)
Wonderful seller. Great snake, shipping was professional and communication could not have been better.
Rating by b***l for Enchi Asphalt/YB Ball Python ($100.00)
I received my beautiful clown female in excellent condition, she's feeding like a champ and promises to be a powerhouse breeder on my future projects.
Rating by s***s for Firefly Clown Or Killer Clown Ball Python ($1,100.00)