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Super health when he arrived. Great communication and pricing. Always will recommend him.
Rating by b***s for Green Het Albino 66% Het Granite Burmese Python ($350.00)
Awesome experience! Dillon was incredibly kind and knowledgeable and super responsive! The snake is beautiful. Couldn't recommend more!
Rating by d***n for Leopard Spotnose Ball Python ($140.00)
my experience with D’s balls and exotics was outstanding and I can't wait for my next purchase.
Rating by r***o for Albino Het Green 66% Het Granite Burmese Python ($300.00)
Excellent customer service!! Produces gorgeous snakes!! I will most definitely be doing more business in the future!!
Rating by a***c for Spotnose Het Puzzle Ball Python ($300.00)
If your looking for great service, quality animals and over all a great guy you found your guy! You won’t go wrong with getting and animal from Dillon! Thanks again bro!
Rating by m***y for Het Puzzle RTB Ball Python ($1,400.00)
Was great doing business with Dillon. For sure will have my business in the future for more burmese pythons.
Rating by m***0 for Green Het Granite PH Albino Labyrinth Burmese Python ($380.00)
Transaction was effortless and communication was top notch. Will definitely be coming back to purchase more. The well being of his animals is superb. Well taken care of and healthy!
Was an absolute pleasure working with you as well. Look forward to seeing updates as little man grows up!
Rating by m***s for Green Het Granite Ph Albino Lab Burmese Python ($340.00)
Absolute pleasure working with Dillion! I got my baby boy today! What a beautiful and healthy snake! I can’t wait to watch him grow and will 100% do business with D again!
Rating by p***y for Green Het Granite Ph Albino Labyrinth Burmese Python ($340.00)
Everything went really well!
Rating by v***s for Albino Green Het Granite Ph Labyrinth Burmese Python ($400.00)
Dillon was very professional, kind, and understanding during the process of purchasing my new friend. I was able to pick up Azazel at a time that worked perfectly for both of our schedules. Thanks Again!
Rating by r***n for Redstripe Pinstripe Het Clown Ball Python ($240.00)
Return customer for Dillon. Have a few animals he’s produced now and can’t sing his praises enough!! The absolute best of the best and what all breeders should strive towards.
Rating by p***s for Jigsaw Het Puzzle Ball Python ($400.00)
Dillon has some of the absolute best animals!! He’s local, so I was able to personally pickup my girl, but have seen firsthand the care he takes in preparing an animal for shipping. Awesome guy, breeder and animals!!
Rating by p***s for Green Het Granite Ph Albino Lab Burmese Python ($400.00)
This animal is mind blowing!! I will do much more future business with Dillon and D's Balls & Exotics!!
Rating by h***s for Pastel Sugar Ball Python ($140.00)
Great transaction all around!! Dillon is a rockstar.
Rating by h***s for Pos Het Hypo Puzzle Ball Python ($100.00)
Couldn't be more pleased with this transaction!! Dillon truly embodies professionalism!
Rating by h***s for High Intensity OD Leopard Het Clown Ball Python ($400.00)
Dillon is hands down one of the best people to buy from, you always receive top quality customer service and the animals are always top notch! I will be a forever customer to Ds Ball n Exotics. 💜
Rating by p***s for Mojave Yellowbelly 66% Het Puzzle Ball Python ($400.00)
Awesome snake! Dillon is easy to work with. Thanks!
Rating by c***r for Yellowbelly Puzzle Ph Hypo Ball Python ($3,400.00)
Some of the best communication and packaging I’ve received on MM to date. Would not hesitate to do business again
Rating by r***h for Spotnose 66% Het Puzzle Ball Python ($450.00)
Great guy to work with on this purchase. Excellent Customer Service & Primo Burms.
Rating by c***d for DH Green Granite Ph Albino Labyrinth Burmese Python ($250.00)
Great support and communication! Definitely would purchase again. Thank you for everything!
Rating by b***s for Banana Pastel Yellowbelly Ball Python ($875.00)
Great seller, snake was as described and Dillon has fantastic communication. Will definitely be working with him again in the future A+++
Rating by j***0 for Champagne Pastel Ball Python ($600.00)
Absolutely perfect!
Rating by k***4 for Pied Ball Python ($1,250.00)
All I can say about this seller is PURE PERFECTION! Communication was off the charts! Packaging was perfect, and description of the animal was spot on! I am a breeder as well and this is the standard we should all strive for! Also, cool looking stick
Was my pleasure man, don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever need anything or have any questions.
Rating by b***s for Het Pied Ball Python ($450.00)
This was a great experience from beginning to end. The communication was fast, thorough and informative. He answered any question that I had quickly. The transaction was professional and hassle free. The python is healthy and beautiful! Thanks!
Rating by t***3 for Blackhead Ph Hypo Ball Python ($125.00)
Dillon is a stand up, top quality breeder. I’ve had the pleasure of adding a few animals and all of them exceed expectations. You won’t be disappointed in an animal from Dillon. Will be a returning customer 100%.
Rating by p***s for Pinstripe Puzzle Ball Python ($2,500.00)
She’s a beautiful snake and Dillon was very easy to work with and trusted me to do a payment plan, for which I am extremely grateful. I will get her sometime this spring and I am stoked! He provided pictures and is transparent. 10/10 would buy again
Rating by a***r for Blackhead Red Gene 66% Ph Hypo Ball Python ($600.00)
highly recommend pictures did not do her justice and my firt time buying a snake online and actually recieved within 24 hours
Rating by m***y for Enchi Firefly Ph Clown Ball Python ($375.00)
Dillon is a wonderful snake dealer. He answered all of my questions and then some. Amazing costumer service. Overall great experience. Only other thing I can say is keep up the stellar work! Thank you
Rating by s***7 for Enchi Blade Firefly Ph Clown Ball Python ($450.00)
Will be purchasing from him again
Thank you for your purchase and support. Look forward to watching him grow with you, and assisting with any future needs.
Rating by j***n for Banana Pastel Yellowbelly Ball Python ($300.00)
Very impressed with the info and service provided
Rating by j***l for Blackhead Ph Hypo Ball Python ($150.00)
Not a complaint in the world. Dillon was the best as far as customer service and describing this girl. Anyone and everyone should check with D's Balls and Exotics before buying anywhere else.
Rating by n***m for Pastel Het Hypo Ball Python ($450.00)
I purchashed this snake when it was too cold to be shipped. The entire time since day of purchase to when he was shipped, I received updates on the snake as well as pictures. Truly amazing experience.
Rating by p***t for Albino Het Green Ph Granite Burmese Python ($300.00)
Once initial contact was made, seller was very responsive. He answered any questions promptly and with photos. Packaging was perfect. Included all info I needed plus extra, very professional! Would be happy to do business again in the future!
Rating by f***e for Leopard Ghi Ball Python ($350.00)
Seller made our experience the best. Very knowledgeable always responsive we will be back and will share w family and friends. D's out did themselves.
Rating by j***2 for Banana Yellowbelly Ball Python ($275.00)
Absolutely amazing packaging job communicated very well with me ,,, I love that he included a identification card for the Snake describing when it was born and all its information,, I Would recommend it to anybody
Rating by k***0 for Albino Het Green PH Granite Burmese Python ($300.00)
Super quick, easy and painless transaction, Highly recommended!
Rating by t***e for Banana Yellowbelly Ball Python ($275.00)
Loved every bit of the experience. Dillion was very kind and patient with us. "Julian" has been home for a couple of days now & just in awe of his beauty. Dillion is a great breeder, informative videos available. Will definitely order from again!
Rating by w***2 for Albino Het Green PH Granite Burmese Python ($300.00)
Extremely fast replies, from purchase to shipping was litterally an hour. Jimmy johns aint got shit on em. Great looking snake and very good packing. Buy with confidence.
Rating by j***s for Het Green PH Albino/Granite Burmese Python ($250.00)
great customer service and beautiful ball pythons!
Rating by s***y for Pastel Ball Python ($75.00)
I was updated whenever I had a question, the response time was always positive. I had lots of questions and he always responded and I never felt like a bother. I will make more purchases from D’s and would recommend to anyone who asked.
Rating by n***p for Het Green PH Albino/Granite Burmese Python ($250.00)
Great seller, awesome responses, and definitely didn't mind me asking alot of questions.
Rating by j***9 for Het Green PH Albino/Granite Burmese Python ($200.00)
Dillon was great. Knowledgeable and threw in a meal for a different bp I have that i cant find hoppers for. Life saver!
Rating by p***r for 2019 Pied Female Ball Python ($750.00)
I'll recommend D's balls and exotics to people looking to make purchases and look forward to possibly in the future continuing business with this breeder. Awesome snakes healthy and beautiful!
Rating by a***i for Classic Ball Python ($50.00)
I'll recommend D's balls and exotics to people looking to make purchases and look forward to possibly in the future continuing business with this breeder. Awesome snakes healthy and beautiful!
Rating by a***i for Pastel Ball Python ($50.00)
I picked this ball python up in person. He is beautiful, all scales look in tact and healthy, clear eyes, clean mouth, no signs of neurological issues, healthy weight, and very clean. He has beautiful, bright patterning, and a wonderful temperament!
Rating by n***7 for Classic Ball Python ($30.00)
Absolutely love him! Amazing snake over all!
Rating by d***3 for Normal Ball Python ($50.00)
I am so happy with how everything went. Communication was amazing, shipping was quick and the snake is beautiful!
Rating by s***1 for Het Green PH Albino/Granite Burmese Python ($225.00)
Amazing seller! Great communication and the snake is beautiful!! All questions were answered immediately, he even sent me a video showing my snake! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! A+++++++++++++++
Rating by r***a for 100% Het Green 66% Poss. Het Albino 50% Poss. Het Granite Burmese Python ($225.00)