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Nov 06, 2019
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I have been caring for reptiles and aquatic life for 20+ years as my main hobby. With the past few years solely dedicated to Boas and Royal/Ball Pythons. The animals that I produce have/will come from pairings of personal pets and quality care is guaranteed. I pride myself on perfect husbandry and hygiene.

Any animal(s) sold will have been sexed and it's genetics guaranteed (unless otherwise stated in its listing).
I will never upsell on a trait that I am not 100% on being present.

I will try and give a description of each and every animal but if ever you want more info or pictures send me a message or check my profile on Morphmarket Reptile Community. All of our clutches will be posted to the forum to ensure that all IDs are as true as possible and also giving you the ability to see other breeders opinions before purchase.

Store Policy
£50 non refundable deposit to hold the animal and reserve it as sold for 30 days. Payment plans available on animals over £200 its should be noted that animal(s) will remain in our possession until the full amount is received. The animals remain the property of Eagle Reptiles until the final payment is paid and received.

If you would like more than one animal then contact me and we might be able to work out a deal that suits both of us.

Personal delivery can be arranged at the price of fuel.
Shipping will be through Cold Blooded Movements.
Personal collection is always recommended as then you can see my set ups, be sure you are buying a healthy and correctly labeled animal and see the parents of the animal.

I am also up for trades if you have anything that fits my plans.

What I would consider:

Female - Lavender Albino GHI
Female - Black Pastel het Lavender Albino
Female - Acid het Lavender Albino
Male - Acid Clown