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Nov 06, 2019
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I have been caring for reptiles and aquatic life for 20+ years as my main hobby. With the past few years solely dedicated to Boas and Royal/Ball Pythons. The animals that I produce have/will come from pairings of personal pets and quality care is guaranteed. I pride myself on perfect husbandry and hygiene.

Any animal(s) sold will have been sexed and it's genetics guaranteed (unless otherwise stated in its listing).
I will never upsell on a trait that I am not 100% on being present.

I will try and give a description of each and every animal but if ever you want more info or pictures send me a message or check my profile on Morphmarket Reptile Community. Clutches will likely have been shared on the forum to ensure that all IDs are as true as possible and also giving you the ability to see other breeders opinions before purchase.

Store Policy
I expect you to have done research on how to care for your new pet, I reserve the right to refuse a sale if I don't believe time has been taken to educate yourself on the animals I have worked hard to produce.

I can help with any questions you have both beforehand and after purchase, and will also lead you to the information sources I use personally.

All animals come properly sexed (unless otherwise stated).

All animals are 100% fit and healthy and eating regularly, hatchlings will have had at least 5 consecutive strike feeds and will be at least 150g+. All animals will be free of external parasites.

100% guaranteed genetics (unless otherwise stated), Sometimes it can be hard to identify 4+ gene animals and also some subtle mutations. In these cases, none I can't guarantee will be listed. Pairings will always be found in the adverts in case you are avoiding certain genes.

Every animal is individual and has a different temperament, I cannot be responsible for the behaviour of individual animals.

I will not discuss sales with anyone under the age of 16, if you are younger please ask the adult responsible for yourself to inquire on your behalf.

Please take the time to fill in the details of your buyers profile here on Morphmarket. This not only increases your chance of receiving a response from a seller, but also makes purchases and delivery easier to arrange.


All sales of live animals are FINAL except as noted herein.

Orders for all animals must be paid in full before shipping or pickups will take place.
I accept PayPal (and credit cards through PayPal), bank transfers and cash. I only accept cash from customers that pickup in person.

If you would like more than one animal then contact me and we might be able to work out a deal that suits both of us.

I am also up for trades if you have anything that fits my plans.

What I would consider:
2018 or older-

Female - Lavender Albino GHI
Female - Black Pastel het Lavender Albino
Female/Male - Acid combos
Any spectacular GHI examples.


Animals can be reserved after a £50 deposit has been paid, this deposit is non-refundable.

Arrangements to pick up the animal have to be made within 3 weeks of reservation or otherwise after personal contact and agreement.

Payment plans available on animals over £200. It should be noted that animal(s) will remain in our possession until the full amount is received.
The animals remain the property of Eagle Reptiles until the final payment is paid and received.


Personal delivery can be arranged at the price of fuel.
Shipping will be through Cold Blooded Movements.
Personal collection is always recommended as then you can see my set ups, be sure you are buying a healthy and correctly labeled animal and see the parents of the animal.