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Erin Aileen Driscoll
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Oct 09, 2017
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As scientists and artists we have a love for animals that often surpasses our love for people, and it is because of this that we refuse to offer any animals that we would not purchase ourselves. With over a decade in animal behavior study, animal care training, and reptile breeding experience we are very observant of our scaley family members. All of our animals feed regularly or they stay with us until they do so you'll never have to worry about receiving unestablished feeders. We want you to be happy with your purchase, but more than anything we want our animals to have a good future and so their needs will ALWAYS come first.

Store Policy
We accept payment via PayPal, no additional charges necessary. We also accept payment via debit or major credit cards. As of right now we are only open to 30-Day payment plans, but we do request a nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the listed price in order to consider the animal to be "on hold"
All of our animals are guaranteed to be free of mites, parasites, infections and in perfect health unless otherwise stated. All of our animals come with a 14 day health guarantee, provided that proper care requirements are followed. Snakes will be properly sexed and well established on appropriate, unscented prey items. If there is an error in sexing, we will exchange the animal with the correct sex.
We ship through so live arrival is guaranteed. You are responsible for being available on the prearranged day of delivery. If shipment needs to be postponed for any reason, please make sure to contact us ASAP so that we may figure out a better shipping schedule. No refund or exchange will be issued for an animal that was neglected and left to the elements because these terms were not met. We will only ship Monday-Wednesday, given weather cooperates in order to avoid shipping conflicts that could extend into the weekend. If pickup or meeting is possible, we will gladly arrange something so that our animals do not have to go through the added stress of shipping. Our full-time jobs and hobbies require quite a bit of driving and so a lot of Florida is covered. Do not hesitate to consider this as an option.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.