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He did good business, I got what I wanted.
Rating by d***r for Super Orange Dream 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($475.00)
I bought this little dude, a male Banana Redstripe (female maker), and a female Pastel Enchi Leopard Yellow Belly all together from Ectothermic Dungeon. All three were shipped together and arrived healthy and well! And they absolutely stunning!
Rating by m***e for Black Pastel Orange Dream Banana 50% H. TSK Axanthic 50% H. Puzzle Ball Python ($400.00)
Great seller with great communication! Will definitely buy from him again
Rating by j***1 for Fire Spider H. TSK Axanthic Poss Malum Poss Bald Ball Python ($125.00)
I always get healthy high quality animals from Jim and he does a great job at getting back to you in good time
Rating by l***s for Super Enchi Leopard Pos YB PH Pied Ball Python ($400.00)
Jim communication is very good and you can tell that the animal's well being is his up most concern. We love every snake that we've purchased from him. They are top quality and we can't till we can afford to get another snake from the dungeon.
This buy is excellent!! Carries through with every purchase. Paid in full or payments doesn’t matter. Top rated customer
Rating by b***1 for Ivory 100% Het Pied Pos Pastel Black Pastel Enchi And OD Ball Python ($350.00)
Seller was very patient with me as it was my first animal purchase with a credit card, on top of only getting my first credit card weeks prior. The snake was very healthy upon arrival and is settling well into her quarantine.
Rating by s***s for Butter Leopard 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($625.00)
Great looking snake. Eats great already ate a FT small rat a day having him
Rating by h***s for Fire Pastel Clown Ball Python ($550.00)
Great experience!
Rating by e***a for Pastel Enchi Yellowbelly 100% Het Hypo Ball Python ($200.00)
My Cinnamon OD Fire arrived timely. He is healthy and settling in.I will buy from them again. Great experience
Rating by s***z for Cinnamon OD Fire Ball Python ($225.00)
Such a great line of OD. We are stoked to add her to our collection. Seller was awesome, communication awesome, snakes looked better in person. Thanks T.E.D.!
Rating by b***1 for Enchi OD 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($350.00)
Matt responded to me very quick and didn’t hesitate to answer any questions I had 👍🏼 Can’t wait to see what this girl produces for me in the future!
Rating by a***z for Orange Dream 66% Het Puzzle Ball Python ($250.00)
Great communication
Rating by m***6 for Pastel GHI Pinstripe Ball Python ($600.00)
Super friendly and quick to respond, would definitely recommend!
Rating by f***e for Super Mojave Ball Python ($600.00)
Wonderful all around experience! Beautiful animals I’m thrilled to see grow.
Rating by n***e for Xtreme 100% Het Tristripe Ball Python ($200.00)
Snake looked even better in person. Excited to work him into our piebald projects. Seller's communication was awesome, we'll be purchasing another snake from T.E.D. in the future.
Rating by b***1 for Pastel Enchi Leopard Ivory 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($1,250.00)
Jim and Matt do a fantastic job. Great communication and their animals are top notch. Thumbs up to both!
Rating by r***s for Puzzle Ball Python ($2,000.00)
Great communication with seller (Jim). It was so good, he always got back to me in 15min or less. The snake came today and looked EXACLTY like the photo! Very healthy, vibrant little guy. Very good quality snake and top notch customer service!
Rating by a***h for Enchi Freeway 66% Het Pied Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Jim was prompt in answering messages, very polite and respectful. The animal was well packed and even better looking in person. We’ll definitely be making another purchase in the future!
Rating by c***7 for Enchi Fire Xtreme 100% Het Tri-stripe Ball Python ($1,250.00)
Excellent response time, excellent customer service & fantastic packaging. Inquired on a Monday & had animal by at Tuesday. Fantastic purchase & couldn’t be happier. Will do much more business with Jim!
Thanks so much Zach! Paid in full day of inquiry. Excellent experience! Will also look to do business with Zach in the future!
Rating by z***s for Freeway Pied Ball Python ($2,500.00)
Very helpful and fast
Rating by s***5 for Pastel Lesser Ball Python ($80.00)
Quick, easy, good customer service, response times, shipping was fast, animal arrived well and active , and helpful over all. Would recommend to anyone looking to buy.
Rating by a***2 for Black Pewter 100% Het TSK Axanthic Ball Python ($200.00)
Smooth easy transaction and nice animals!
Rating by b***u for OD McKenzie Yellowbelly 100% Het Pied Pos Enchi Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Couldn’t have been happier, seller shipped when he said he would, received my ball python next morning. Packaging was good. Ball python was healthy, no mites and as described. She even was exploring her cage first day. Would definitely buy again!
Rating by h***o for Black Pewter 100% Het TSK Axanthic Ball Python ($350.00)
Always a pleasure doing business with them. This snake is gorgeous and exactly as described. Thanks so much!
Rating by b***r for Super Pastel Lesser YB 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($300.00)
Beautiful example of morph, very high quality and he was packed and shipped in great condition. Thanks again Jim!
Rating by l***n for Yellowbelly Het Hypo Ball Python ($100.00)
Great experience!!
Rating by j***1 for Enchi Het Hypo Ball Python ($80.00)
Seller communicated great throughout the entire process. The snake arrived healthy and active and looks great. Would recommend to others and buy again.
Rating by t***1 for Hidden Gene Woma Yellowbelly Het Puzzle Ball Python ($1,200.00)
This is the third snake I've purchased from Jim and Matt, and as always everything went great. You can't go wrong buying from these guys. Beautiful animals and great customer service all around!
Rating by b***s for Freeway Het Pied Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Jim is very communicative and responsive. Packaging was very professional, purchased 2 ball pythons both look to be well taken care of and in perfect health..Would recommend seller at any point thanks
Rating by h***1 for Pastel GHI Het Clown Ball Python ($350.00)
Great service, beautiful snakes that I received in great condition!! Will definitely purchase from them again.
Rating by a***s for Black Pastel Lesser Poss Yb Het TSK Axanthic Ball Python ($500.00)
Outstanding top of the line snake!
Rating by d***s for Het Puzzle Ball Python ($450.00)
Jim was very helpful, he held my snake for months until the weather was safe enough to ship! Would buy from again!
Rating by m***s for Black Pastel Leopard Ivory Poss McKenzie And Fire Ball Python ($750.00)
Thank you so much! Great communication and very easy to work with. My new snake arrived in great condition; I can tell she was very well taken care of. She arrived very calm and easy to handle right out of the box!
Rating by l***l for Cinnamon Spider Ball Python ($300.00)
Beautiful snake, great customer service. Will buy from again!
Rating by m***7 for Fire Yellowbelly Ball Python ($150.00)
Truly a pleasure doing business with you. Extremely satisfied with the purchase. Definitely one of the best breeders on morphmarket. 5 stars across the board!!
Rating by b***4 for Freeway 66% Het Pied Paradox Ball Python ($1,150.00)
Seamless transaction; would not hesitate to repeat business
Rating by r***h for Yellowbelly Het Puzzle Ball Python ($750.00)
Great communication and easy to work with. Snake is healthy and absolutely stunning! Will buy from again!
Rating by n***s for Blackhead Black Pastel Ph SK Axa Ball Python ($450.00)
I can’t say anything bad about my experience purchasing this snake. I will definitely do business in the future and will advice anyone looking for quality animals to check his page out.
Rating by j***4 for DH DG Tristripe Ph Albino Ball Python ($200.00)
They were absolutely fantastic through the whole buying process, answered any questions I had, and were a real pleasure to work with. The Joppa arrived the next day super healthy, and sweet. I will be doing business with them again!
Rating by e***s for Pastel Joppa Ball Python ($500.00)
Received snake safe and sound. Feed first meal (live per seller) the week I received and ate FT for me on second meal. Great food response. Thanks again.
Rating by p***s for 66% Het Puzzle Ball Python ($150.00)
Received snake safe and sound. Feed first meal (live per seller) the week I received and ate FT for me on second meal. Great food response. Thanks again.
Rating by p***s for 66% Het Puzzle Ball Python ($200.00)
Pictures were accurate. There was an issue with the hurricane/tropical storm but the seller communicated early. Overall a positive experience and I would do business with them again. Thanks for the Beautiful girl.
Rating by m***s for Black Pewter Ball Python ($100.00)
Great guy and great snake. Perfect seller! Couldn't ask for more. Thanks again!
Rating by a***z for Enchi Redstripe Yellowbelly Fire Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Great service and quick responses
Rating by b***6 for Enchi Leopard Ball Python ($300.00)
Stellar service. I am very pleased with the BP babe that I got. Photo was an exact match as to what I got. Communication was out of this world great. What I was impressed on the most was the level of concern for proper shipping. Keep it up!
Rating by p***n for Mojave Pinstripe Poss Yellowbelly Ball Python ($250.00)
Very happy with this breeder! He kept me in the loop for tracking the shipment and asked me questions to make sure I was prepared when I received him! He was very friendly and helpful! Thank you! I’m very happy with my Orange Dream banana :)
Thank you for your kind words. It was a pleasure to help you with your first ball python.
Rating by a***a for Orange Dream Banana 66% Het Puzzle Ball Python ($500.00)
Good communication, smooth business, and a healthy solid specimen. An overall positive experience and a company to be recommended.
Rating by o***s for Enchi Leopard Yellowbelly Het Clown 50% Het Lavender Ball Python ($500.00)
Great communication and fast shipping. Snake was in great condition and as advertised.
Rating by w***7 for Pastel Enchi Yellowbelly Ghost Ball Python ($500.00)
Very great communication. The animal came in nice packaging, shipped right to my door. I got stickers too!
Rating by t***y for Black Pastel Yellowbelly Het Clown 50% Het Lavender Ball Python ($500.00)
What an amazing couple guys!! Producing some very high quality animals and prices are very on point. Quick to reply, shipped perfectly, and animal came looking more beautiful than the pics could show! I'm going to be extremely happy if I get more!!
Thanks so much for the great review!!
Rating by k***n for GHI Fire Redstripe Ball Python ($750.00)