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Anthony Vince
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Feb 09, 2016
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As with many breeders my fascination with snakes started at an early age. I started collecting Rat snakes in grade school and suppling local pet stores with my beauties. Now I am a reptile enthusiast who believes captive breeding is integral to the future of the market. It helps protect wild herp populations and is an incredibly rewarding experience. At FairPlay Pythons it is our goal is to provide the healthiest and highest quality animals to our customers.

Store Policy
Shipping is generally a flat rate of $50 via Reptile Express Fedex Overnight to anywhere in the continental US!! Price may be more for larger animals. We ship Mon-Wed with Thursday reserved for special request only.
Multiple animals can be combined for one shipping fee. Extreme weather conditions may influence shipping schedule, once and animal is paid for we will hold until it is safe to ship without additional fees.

We accept Paypal, Checks and Money orders. Additional fees may apply when using paypal and Checks will need to clear first before shipping. We do accept pay plans and will work to tailor a plan that works for you. Written agreement is issues with pay plans so that each party understands fully the terms of the agreement.

Class 3 to Exhibit and Sell Non-Venomous Amphibians and Reptiles, issued by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission.
CBW Permit for Radiated Torts
I guarantee that all animals will arrive alive and healthy under the condition that animals being held at a hub are picked up promptly and animals shipped to your door are signed for and received on the first delivery attempt. If for some unfortunate reason you receive a dead on arrival animal it is your responsibility to contact us immediately. It is your responsibility to provide us with photographic proof the animal is dead. If you need time to get a camera or charge your phone to take a picture etc. Please contact us within the hour to let us know of the d.o.a. so that your live arrival guarantee is not void. In the event of a d.o.a. if an acceptable replacement is not available a full refund will be issued including the shipping.

TO YOUR DOOR SHIPMENTS- It is the buyers responsibility to be present to receive the package or designate somebody to be present to receive the package once a shipping date has been agreed upon. I guarantee live arrival on shipments to your door under weather conditions of 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, unless stated otherwise. Live arrival guarantee is void on shipments not signed for and received on the first delivery attempt.

TO YOUR LOCAL HUB SHIPMENTS- It is the buyers responsibility to pick up the package at the hub promptly. Packages held at hubs are usually available for pickup around 8-9am so live arrival guarantee is void on any packages not picked up within 2 hours of being available for pickup at the hub, unless stated otherwise.

I guarantee that any animal sold as a male or female has been properly sexed. In the event you receive an animal that has been incorrectly sexed we will be glad to provide a shipping label to return the animal. Upon arriving alive and healthy back at our facility and being proven incorrectly sexed a replacement animal will be sent at our cost. If an acceptable replacement is not available then a full refund shall be issued..