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I purchased a small corn snake in an attempt to conquer my fear of snakes. I almost instantly went from being afraid to fascinated/addicted. I became so fascinated with them that I couldn't stop researching all different species. Within 6 months of attempting to conquer my fear I ended up collecting close to 100 different ball pythons and a handful of other species. Everyday I'm consumed with a passion to learn more and interact with these amazing reptiles.

Wether you're looking to conquer your fear or add some high quality genetics into your projects, Fear 2 Fascination has you covered! I've purchased a wide array of morphs from most of the top ball python breeders in the community and am now creating some of my own combinations. I pride myself in taking superior care of my reptiles as well as providing the best customer service possible. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

You can find us on Instagram @Fear2Fascination and FB at Fear 2 Fascination

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