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I'm Fred Kick, and I breed ball pythons. I've collected reptiles my whole life. Everything from newts to giant pythons. My brother and I own and operate a wholesale reptile business, a retail pet store and own one of the largest ball python collections on the east coast.

Why ball pythons? In 1995 I had an opportunity to trade my Corvette for 2 pairs of albino ball pythons. It was a hard decision but the car went, and the albinos came. After getting the albinos I had to get myself the hottest morph on the market- a pastel. Soon followed by my favorite purchase of all time, a genetic stripe. Ball pythons were like no other snake on the market at that time. An idea of what to turn some free space into, resulted in a 7,000 sq foot facility. A few snakes turned into 100s, 100s turned into 1000s and my collection continues to grow every year. Out of all the reptiles I've worked with balls are one of my favorites. They come in by far the largest variety of color and patterns that any snake has to offer, have a calm temperament and are easy to care for. My goal is to have one of the largest diverse collections of ball pythons and to pass on the quality and joy of these snakes onto my customers.

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Store Policy

Shipping is $65 and free on orders over $1000. We ship using FedEx priority overnight. Temps need to be above freezing and below 90 to safely ship.

We accept payments as PayPal, master card, visa, discover, wire, or postal money order. Please make sure the address you select as the ship to address on PayPal is the same address you want the snake to be shipped to. You can use a home address, work address or FedEx hub as long as it matches the ship to address you selected.

Payment plans offered on a case by case basis, all deposits are nonrefundable if you cancel or change your mind. If the weather is too cold to ship we will hold onto your snakes at no additional charge until safe to ship.

Our responsibility to you as a customer is to provide you with a quality snake with full disclosure of what you are purchasing. Every snake I sell is guaranteed to arrive healthy and properly sexed. All hets are guaranteed 100% hets unless otherwise noted ex: possible het, 66% het, or 50% het. Please check your new snake upon arrival and if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase please contact us within 12 hours of arrival. If anything arrives DOA, the box is damaged, or something is missing please contact us with in 2 hours of delivery.

Your responsibility as a customer is to provide proper husbandry for your new snake and please adhere to any state or local laws concerning purchases. Please be home to sign for your new snake on the first delivery attempt. You must give us your full address along with any apartment or suite numbers as needed. Providing the wrong shipping address will void any guarantees.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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