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Quality animals as always and always prepared to help, really appreciate this one and the leopard gecko is better in person
Rating by w***s for White & Yellow Tangerine Bold Bandit Cross Het Bell 50% Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko (£160.00)
Lee is great to communicate with and his stock is outstanding, the leopard gecko is really healthy and settled in straight away
Rating by w***s for Striped Tangerine Bell 66% Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko (£160.00)
Excellent service. Beautiful big animal. Would definitely use again.
Rating by s***t for White Knight Poss Macksnow Leopard Gecko (£180.00)
Fantastic in all ways, from UK to Netherlands. As described and communication was/is very responsive. Will definitly get another one of their Geckos in the future. Even got a nice sticker.
Rating by c***l for Macksnow White Knight Leopard Gecko (£240.00)
A very professional and friendly service was provided before and during collection of my gecko. The animal is healthy and exactly as shown through photos. Really pleased all around and will be back again in the future.
Rating by j***t for Broken Reverse Stripe HC Tangerine Tremper – Super Giant Lineage 50% Het Eclipse Poss W&y Leopard Gecko (£120.00)
All three girlie leos are absolutely stunning thank you 😊
Rating by j***b for High Contrast Bold Tangerine Cross Tremper 50% Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko (£90.00)
Excellent seller. Quality animals and fantastic service throughout. Will definitely be returning in the future!
Rating by j***h for Electric X Copper Blood Het Ta 66% Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko (£150.00)