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Fantastic communication and wonderful packaging! A joy to work with
Thank you! I hope you love your new gecko! I'd love to see updates! (Sorry for the delay, I just saw this feature on morphmarket!😅)
Rating by g***s for Red Crested Gecko ($220.00)
Wonderful experience! Purchased over winter, & seller held until it was safe to ship & provided frequent updates & photos! Shipping went great with no issues, little gecko arrived in perfect condition! And they included some stickers as well! 10/10
Rating by t***t for Unsexed Vielliardi Eurydactylodes Gecko ($200.00)
Packaging was perfect. Super Nice Seller! Great prices and Geckos :) Definitely Recommend!!!!! Had the best experience!
Rating by e***8 for E. Vielliardi Unsexed Eurydactylodes Gecko ($200.00)
I had an emergency come up and the seller was still overly kind. She included a cute note in the box with the gecko and the little guy arrived safe and healthy.
Rating by g***7 for Unsexed Vielliardi Eurydactylodes Gecko ($150.00)
Liz was quick to reply to all of my emails. I emailed her several times with questions about how I should set up my crested geckos habitat, feeding and other concerns. She always got back to me quickly and answered all of my questions. Wonderful!
Rating by z***t for Crested Gecko ($180.00)