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Aug 21, 2019
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Next investment will be a good Camera.

Store Policy
GexoGreens is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and can allow collection in person at a mutual agreed time.

Geckos not marked specifically as “male” or “female” are being sold as unsexed with or without a label of “possible pores” for male or “no pores seen” for female. This is not a guarantee of their sex. I do my very best to loupe sex each gecko but every once in a while a gecko will fool me. I just cannot guarantee the sex of a gecko under 20 grams.

A 30% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit MUST be made BEFORE any of the geckos will be held! The deposit should be received within 2h by PayPal (friends). If not, the reservation will be cancelled and the crested gecko is available again. If an unsexed (0.0.1) is reserved and the reservation will be canceled because of changing gender or color development or you just changed your opinion, the deposit is not refundable! In case of general cancellation, the deposit will also not be refunded!

If you are interested in purchasing geckos, please contact me on my facebook page GexoGreens or e-mail

Additional Information
After purchase you may use the photos from GexoGreens just as long as you do not alter them in any way.
You have to give photo credit for the photo.

GexoGreens is not responsible for tail loss, any diseases or loss of the animal that may occur during or after the shipping process.
As a private provider and hobby breeder I general can give no guarantee and warranty. These are thus hereby excluded from me.

If payed deposit or payed in full my conditions are accepted!