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Everything went perfectly. Thanks.
Rating by r***6 for Leopard Piebald Het Albino Ball Python ($600.00)
Overall, great experience. Only suggestion would be to maybe add a second heat pack, or perhaps more styrofoam. The snake was a little colder than he probably should have been when he arrived.
We are glad that your happy with the ball Python. Shipping out of Florida we have to error on the cooler side when shipping reptiles. They can withstand much cooler temps than hotter temps. Once they are overheated they won’t recover.
Rating by d***5 for Banana Leopard Piebald Ball Python ($600.00)
Great experience with these guys. She is more beautiful in person. Little snappy but understood with 2200 mile shipping and new environment.
Rating by j***3 for Cinnamon Double Het Clown Ghost Ball Python ($350.00)
The snake came underweight, also had tons of old stuck shed on its heat pits and nose, and it also has upper respiratory, it showed signs 2 days after receiving it, I do not recommend this seller
Rating by c***3 for Pastel Highway Ball Python ($850.00)
Do not purchase from these people. Had the snake for 7 weeks. Snake had problems eating. And died. They will not refund or replace a new snake. They have sick snakes.. BEWARE
Rating by s***s for Pastel Axanthic Ball Python ($300.00)
great to work with beautiful animal not to mention very professional packaging will be a return customer for sure
Rating by j***5 for Candy Ball Python ($400.00)