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Joined on May 30, 2022


Holly BIntcliffe

Batley, UK



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HB Reptiles is a family business which holds reptiles who have been lovingly brought up by ourselves or rescued & rehabilitated to 5* health. We only put animals which we feel are 100% ready and okay to be housed by a new owner on Morph Market. Based In Batley we work out of our own home so viewings may only be when we are available but we will accommodate viewings as soon as we get a request around work / home life.

If you want any details give me a message and I can give you any more information/pictures about an animal you are interested in.

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Store Policy

Payments, Deposits and Refunds
Deposits are non-refundable if Buyer backs out of a deal.
If a customer wants to be refunded for an animal then the customer must pay for shipping / drop the animal off which then the amount paid for the animal will be refunded in full.
If Seller backs out of a deal that Buyer has paid money into, Seller is responsible to pay back 100% of the money, including any portion labeled as non-refundable.
SoL for non-delivery of animal(s) is 60 days from the expected delivery date OR 90 days from final payment if no delivery date has been agreed upon.

Animal Attributes
Seller guarantees that the animal being collected is exactly the one represented in the ad. Claim Period for any issues / refunds is 4 hours and Return Period of the animal to arrange a return is 1 week. Seller is required to provide accurate genetic information on all animals sold. However, many genetic traits cannot be proven or disproven in a dispute situation. Those that can be proven should have been recognized by the buyer from the outset. Buyer bears a responsibility to know and recognize traits they intend to purchase, including asking for more pictures and lineage information as needed.

MorphMarket is unlikely to moderate disputes over genetic traits that should have been investigated by Buyer.
Seller guarantees the sex of the animal being collected, unless clearly stated on the ad that the sex is unknown or not certain. Temperature-sexed offspring are not guaranteed. Claim Period is 7 days and Return Period is 1 week for gender issues.

Seller guarantees that the animal collected will be at least 80% of the advertised weight and length. (For this reason it’s recommended to advertise the “dry” weight). If the animal received is less than 80%, as proven by the Buyer, Seller is responsible for FRR. Claim Period is 4 hours and Return Period is 1 week.

SoL for disputes involving Animal Attributes is 60 days from the date the animal was received.
Animal Health.
If an animal dies or is lost due to Seller negligence in shipping then Seller is responsible for FRR.
SoL for disputes involving shipping mishaps is 60 days from the date of the original shipment.
If the animal is substantially sick or injured as proven by the Buyer (with photos and videos, as needed) then Seller is responsible for FRR. Claim Period is 4 hours and Return Period is 1 week. This kind of claim can be difficult to prove. Disputes involving illness or injury will only be mediated by MorphMarket if substantive evidence is provided immediately with the submission of the Incident Form. This evidence includes:
Photos and/or video that clearly demonstrates the health concern involved.
Screenshots, with timeline included, that proves Seller was notified within the 4 hour window of Buyer receiving the animal.
Mites do NOT fall under the definition of "substantially sick or injured."
SoL for disputes involving Animal Health is 60 days from the date the animal was received.
Seller is not responsible for animal temperament.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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