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Ken McAlexander
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Oct 18, 2015
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Ball Python Investments is a small snake breeding facility by design. Care of the animals is priority one, so we don't want the collection to become too large. Customer service is a close second, and we've worked hard to gain and maintain the good standing we enjoy in the herp community. You will be treated with respect, honesty, and integrity. We selectively breed for the best examples of each trait, producing offspring of the highest caliber and worthy of your investment. Currently our focus in on ball pythons and blood pythons, Mexican black kingsnakes and Pueblan milksnakes, and Kenyan sand boas. Note: we are closed on Saturdays. Emails, texts, and calls will be returned Sunday.

Store Policy
If the animal is on the site, it is available. No need to ask. I'm not interested in trades. Shipping is done by Fed Ex Priority Overnight, in a new insulated box, and runs $60. We guarantee our snakes to be healthy, feeding, and properly sexed unless otherwise agreed upon. We do expect you to double check the sex of the animal upon arrival, and to notify us within 48 hours of delivery if it appears to be incorrect or if any other problems are suspected. Once an animal leaves our facility, we have no control of the care you offer, or that you fail to provide. If we do not hear from you, we will consider our transaction complete. Any issues arising after 48 hours will be handled on an individual basis. You will be treated fairly, and we ask the same in return.