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Great experience and would definitely purchase again. Thank you!
Rating by s***s for Acid Clown Ball Python ($6,500.00)
The snake I received is way better then i expected .. couldn't have purchased a better snake from a better seller
Rating by l***7 for Hypo Butter Enchi Ball Python ($300.00)
Jason is great! He and I met up half way to get the snakes and chatted for an hour or so. Really nice, trustworthy guy and the Acid combos I got from him are incredible.
Rating by c***n for Acid Pastel Spotnose Pinstripe Het Hypo Ball Python ($4,000.00)
My experience with Kittinger Reptiles was fantastic. Their communication and customer service were outstanding. I received my snake when they said they would send her, and she arrived healthy and in great shape. Would purchase from them again.
Rating by l***e for Super Pastel Het Pied Ball Python ($300.00)
Great seller. Great communication. Beautiful snake!
Rating by m***y for VPI Axanthic Leopard Pastel Pos Het Pied Ball Python ($750.00)
Perfect snake and super docile, definitely cared for. Excellent communication as well and care for her wellbeing for shipping. Thank you!
Rating by d***r for Dbl Het VPI Axanthic Pied Ball Python ($1,650.00)
Great doing business with Jason. Had a smooth local sale, animal looks great and communication was top notch!
Rating by a***s for Enchi YB Het Hypo Ball Python ($750.00)
Great todo buisness with would definitely do buisness again. Healthy beatiful animal as well highly recommend.
Rating by j***8 for Leopard Bumblebee Het VPI Axanthic Ball Python ($1,200.00)
It was the most beautiful snake I’ve ever purchased
Rating by s***1 for Hypo Blood 66% Het Albino Boa Constrictor ($750.00)
Wonderful communication and very nice people. I'm sure I will be buying more animals from them in the future.
Rating by s***w for Pinstripe Clown Het DG Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Holly and Jason were great! They were very communicative throughout. Box was dented by FedEx, but proper packaging saw that she arrived safe and sound. Will absolutely buy from Kittinger in the future. Thank you!
Rating by h***s for Dbl Het VPI Axanthic Pied Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Very easy to talk to. The animal arrived in perfect health and exactly as described. Happy buyer. I highly recommend kittinger reptiles.
Rating by s***3 for OD Clown Prob YB Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Beautiful snake, great communication and knowledge. Will definitely be watching what this guy produces in the future.
Rating by m***2 for Sharp Sunglow Aztec Motley Jungle Boa Constrictor ($2,000.00)
Wonderful experience and wonderful snake, exactly as described.
Rating by j***e for VPI Axanthic Pin Pied Ball Python ($2,200.00)
Excellent experience. Good communication and a healthy animal. Would buy from again!
Rating by b***5 for OD Het Pied Ball Python ($1,200.00)
Jason and Holly are amazing to work with. I rarely buy adults but needed another Pied and jumped on this one without hesitation. From communication to shipping everything was top notch! Highly recommend,they are awesome and how more should be. -Brian
Rating by b***s for Pied Ball Python ($1,400.00)
Very nice people got a beautiful snake will do business again highly recommend them.
Rating by c***s for Sharp Albino Hypo Boa Constrictor ($600.00)
Perfect transaction from start to finish. Friendly and professional. Snake is even better looking in person. Highly recommended.
Rating by r***s for OD Enchi Pin Hypo Het Pied Ball Python ($2,000.00)
A pleasure to do business with! Great communication, packaging was great, Animal looks fantastic! Thanks again! ~Heather
Rating by a***s for Cypress Clown Ball Python ($4,000.00)
Jason and Holly were both great to work with, answered all my questions promptly and sent photos as requested. Snake arrived on time and in good health.
Rating by c***e for Sharp Albino Motley Probable Aztec Boa Constrictor ($650.00)
Snake looks healthy and took to eating the first time offered just days later. Highly recommend
Rating by h***s for Cypress Clown Ball Python ($4,000.00)
Holly and Jason are absolutely amazing. Not only are their animals exceptional but they offer exceptional care and customer service. They went above and beyond to ensure this beautiful girl would come home with me. Don’t hesitate, just buy from them.
Rating by w***r for Leopard Boa Constrictor ($550.00)
I just want to take this moment to thank Jason for his business. He took the time, effort, to communicate to me as well as caring for the critter before shipping. Kittinger Reptiles is in a class of its own and will gladly do business with again..
Rating by n***3 for Spotnose Clown Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Friendly and helpful. Amazing animal
Rating by t***e for Acid Pinstripe Het Hypo Ball Python ($2,250.00)
Beautiful, healthy animal. Definitely not maintenance fed. Communication was on point at every step of the process. Extremely well packaged. Highly recommended!
Rating by 4***a for Enchi Pin Pied Het Hypo Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Great seller even better snake easy process thanks
Rating by d***5 for OD YB Black Pastel Ball Python ($350.00)
Really professional and cool guy, snake came packed great healthy and looks way better in person
Rating by n***s for Probable Super OD Clown Pos Het Pied Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Couldn’t be happier with this girl, she has been nothing short of amazing for me!
Rating by m***s for Pastel Het Clown Ball Python ($1,200.00)
Good people. Awesome purchase. Thanks again.
Rating by s***3 for Orange Dream Leopard Het Clown Ball Python ($950.00)
Amazing boa And Seller highly cares about their animals. Really loving my new albino het blood boa!!! Thank you so much Kittinger Reptiles! Couldn’t be any more happier
Rating by b***e for Albino 100% Het Blood Boa Constrictor ($1,200.00)
Beautiful, healthy snake and EXCELLENT communication! Thank you again for my dream snake!
Rating by p***s for VPI Axanthic Bumblebee Leopard Ball Python ($1,250.00)
Couldn't be happier with the whole transaction. I will be doing business with Jason again for sure.
Rating by p***n for Riddler Het Clown Ball Python ($4,000.00)
Very nice overall
Rating by r***d for VPI Axanthic Het Pied Ball Python ($700.00)
if im in need of another snake and they have what im looking for at that time, i will most def go with them again.
Rating by s***2 for VPI Axanthic Het Pied Ball Python ($700.00)
Perfect transaction with Holly and Jason! Wouldn't hesitate purchasing from them again.
Rating by r***s for Cypress Het Clown Ball Python ($1,200.00)
Very responsive & was more than willing to speak with me on the phone about the details of the boa prior to purchase. I truly appreciate the great communication and a great addition to my boa collection!
Rating by m***g for Motley Dbl Het T-pos Albino, Leopard Boa Constrictor ($1,150.00)
Overall, very good experience and I would happily buy from Kittinger Reptile again
Rating by s***t for Het Leopard Boa Constrictor ($150.00)
Kittinger delivered perfectly on everything! Communication, packaging, and animal was the best!!!
Rating by r***s for Hidden Gene Woma Het Clown Ball Python ($375.00)
Excellent service and our beautiful female baby boa arrived in perfect condition!
Rating by t***c for 100% Het Blood 66% Het Kahl Albino Boa Constrictor ($225.00)
Snake arrived healthy and active. Packaging was great, and communication was great throughout the process. Will definitely purchase from seller again.
Rating by d***u for 100% Het Blood 66% Het Kahl Albino Boa Constrictor ($225.00)
The boa is even more gorgeous in person! And he has a great temperament. Super good communication, they seem like wonderful people who really care about their animals. Thank you!!
Rating by l***i for Het Leopard Boa Constrictor ($145.00)
Def great people & professionalism was above & beyond what was expected. Very informative & people with knowledge. Def will buy from them in future. Beautiful snakes too. ⚡✔️💯💪💛☄️🐍🥇🏆
Rating by f***h for Super Hypo Het Tpos Boa Constrictor ($200.00)
She arrived well packed and in perfect condition. Very responsive and quick to act. Highly recommend and I'm sure I'll be back for more. Thank you Holly & Jason
Rating by m***1 for Clown Ball Python ($1,200.00)
I bought a motley boa from them, and he’s beautiful and healthy, and they were so great with communicating all the details!
Rating by j***1 for Motley Het Tpos Albino Boa Constrictor ($125.00)
The snake was exactly as described. She's the sweetest little boa I could've asked for. I would *definitely* buy from the Kittingers again - their quality is 100%. Thank you so much!
Rating by h***d for Het Leopard Boa Constrictor ($155.00)
Amazing people, the boa I received is beautiful, and very calm. Definitely will be purchasing from them in the future.
Rating by p***7 for Motley Het Tpos Albino Boa Constrictor ($125.00)
I didn't really have any issues every looks fine
Rating by b***9 for Hypo Het Tpos Albino Boa Constrictor ($125.00)
Absolutely stunning snake. Nothing but good things to say about the seller. Very happy with my purchase.
Rating by d***6 for Hypo Black Pewter Ball Python ($550.00)
I would absolutely buy from Kittinger Reptiles again! The animal was well packed and was exactly as described.
Rating by d***y for VPI Axanthic 66% Het Pied Ball Python ($400.00)
Jason with Kittinger Reptiles was very responsive to my emails about the ball python we bought from him and continues to be available for questions even after the little guy arrived. VERY happy with my decision and with Jason!
Rating by m***e for Black Pastel Het Pied Ball Python ($200.00)