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Jeanie and Zachary Otten
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Oct 04, 2016
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As of April 12th 2019 I'm a brand spankin' new mom! I hope to raise my daughter with the same love of the outdoors, interest in observing captive and wild animal behavior, and delight at seeing both animals and plants grow and flourish. It would be an absolute delight to raise snakes with her.

The new baby is the big news, other than that, I am a full time Diagnostic Medical Sonographer who raises snakes as a hobby.

Store Policy
I'm currently slow to respond due to figuring out how to juggle my 1st baby, work, and almost 200 snakes. It might take me a couple days, but I promise I will get back to you.

All animals' sex and genetics are guaranteed.

All animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy.
If that isn't the case, we will pay for return shipping, and reimburse you for the full cost of the animal. Contact us the day of delivery with any health concerns. You will not receive a full refund on a live animal unless you return it to us for inspection and veterinary care.

We only ship out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
We will only ship animals if we think the conditions are safe.
Temperatures must be between 40F and 90F along the entire shipping route.

Overnight shipping via FedEx to be held at your nearest FedEx hub is preferred.
FedEx home delivery is also an option, but you must sign for the animal on the first delivery attempt.
Pickup in Rochester MN is available.

Failure to pick up the animal on the day of arrival, or to sign for that animal on the first delivery attempt, invalidates the live arrival guarantee.

A non-refundable 25% down will be required to hold any animal.
30 day payment plans on animals up to $300
60 day payment plans on animals up to $500
90 day payment plans on animals above $500
Should you choose to back out of the payment plan for any reason, I will refund any additional payments you have made, but NOT the initial 25%.

We currently accept Paypal, check, or money order. The animal will not ship until the money has 'cleared the bank'.