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May 20, 2020
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We are a small scale breeder. We focus on QUALITY dragons over quantity dragons! We offer a wide variety of morphs in our line of dragons ranging from normal, Dunner to Hypo, Translucent and Leatherbacks.

Store Policy
Online orders are processed through PayPal invoice. After the invoice is sent you have 24 hours to pay. If the invoice isn’t paid within the time frame it will be forfeit and an invoice will be sent to the next inquirer. An account with PayPal is not required for this method. Animals are marked sold after payment has been received. No animals are shipped until payment has been received in full.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL!! Any order canceled prior to ship/pick up will result in a credit with J.J's Designer Dragons towards a future purchase. On a case by case basis, and at the discretion of J.J's Designer Dragons, if special circumstances arise and an exchange or a refund is offered after delivery has occurred original shipping charges will not be refunded. If returning an animal, the customer must make arrangements to do so within 24 hours and via the same means the animal was shipped to you.
Shipping Terms:

Live arrival guarantee for next day delivery and on FIRST Delivery Attempt. Someone MUST be there for the package on first delivery attempt for live arrival guarantee. If temps are too cold or too hot, Dragon will be shipped when weather improves and you will be notified. I will ship at YOUR OWN RISK at temperatures under 32 degrees Fahrenheit and above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. There won't be a live arrival guarantee above 90 degrees but I will do my very best to ensure live arrival.

J.J's Designer Dragons reserves the right to withhold parent photos. This is proprietary information. We will provide full genetic information for each animal retailed directly from us.
We do our best to take photos in different lights and situations to represent our animals in a fair way. We do not use any photo altering or enhancing methods. Any nip at time of ad will be notated and listed. J.J's Designer Dragons cannot guarantee final color, size, or look of your animal. Many factors determine an animal's outcome; including but not limited to environment, lighting, heat, feeding, and stress.
We do our best to accurately sex young animals and have been doing so for a few years. However, there is no guarantee on sex unless otherwise stated at time of sale.

Shipping Fees:
Shipping fees are NON-REFUNDABLE... If you have received a D.O.A (highly unlikely), then please take a picture of deceased dragon, save all packaging materials, and reach out to us via email within 30 minutes of scanned delivery time stamp and we will give further instructions.

Terms of Transaction:
Our dragons will not be shipped out until they are at least 6 weeks old and feeding well. My responsibility for the dragon ends after a 48 hour period in the customers care. If I don't hear from you within that period of time, then please know that I hope you are enjoying your newest addition!

*Please feel free to email me with any questions about your new dragon.*