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This makes 3 of Jakes animals in my collection and I couldn't be happier. Great communication, animals are always as described, and shipping is always taken care of quickly, weather permitting. The quality of Jakes animals is on another level. 10/10
Always a pleasure doing business with ya buddy! Enjoy that boy, he really is a special animal!
Rating by c***0 for Platinum Pied 50% Het Albino Reticulated Python ($3,500.00)
Snake arrived with an old head wound that wasn’t advertised or disclosed at all by the seller. Seller became very defensive, claimed it happened during shipping, offered refund if buyer shipped back. Snake should have never been shipped with injury.
I offered a full refund for this animal if you were unhappy.
Rating by c***s for Platinum 100% Het Blonde Reticulated Python ($250.00)
Great service very responsive
Rating by r***e for Phantom Goldenchild Super Sunfire 100% Het Anthrax Reticulated Python ($3,500.00)
Amazing experience and very helpful people . I’m so grateful to have this experience. Thank JK Reptiles.
Thanks Chris!!! I appreciate the kind words!
Rating by y***e for Phantom Sunfire Genetic Stripe Reticulated Python ($1,000.00)
The best buying experience ever . I recommend purchasing from JK Reptiles , gorgeous healthy animals , perfect animals , and completely hassle free experience during the shipping process . Thank JK Reptiles.
Thank you Chris! Glad we got to get you a killer pair of aninals, and I cant wait to see what u do with them my friend!
Rating by y***e for Platinum Tiger 50% Poss Het Albino/Genetic Stripe/Titanium Reticulated Python ($500.00)
Working with Jake is always a great experience. He’s always eager to answer any questions you have, which in this day and age is hard to come across. The retic arrived safe and sound and was even better looking in person. He is very friendly too.
It's always a pleasure dealing with you Robert. As always thanks for your business and enjoy that gorgeous animal!
Rating by c***s for Blonde Tiger 66% Poss Het Anthrax Reticulated Python ($500.00)
Great working with JK Reptiles. Jake delivered a beautiful snake exactly what I wanted.
Rating by j***r for Purple Motley Sunfire Reticulated Python ($950.00)
I'd highly recommend anyone in the market for a retic buy one from Jake. He's a responsible breeder, honest, knowledgeable, and great with communication. Will definitely be buying from him again in the future!
Thank you for your business!
Rating by u***h for Phantom Goldenchild Sunfire 100% Het Anthrax Reticulated Python ($1,500.00)
Was great experience all around. Expertly packed and shipped, great looking snake!
Rating by r***s for Platinum Phantom Tiger 100% Het Genetic Stripe (Poss Sunfire) Reticulated Python ($800.00)
Beautiful snake!!! Healthy, vibrant, just what we were looking for! Jake’s been doing this a long time! Always great doing business with Jake!
Chris and Kate are awesome buyers. They know what they want and they don't best around the bush! A+ transaction from them as always!
Well thank you for the kind words! He’s a beautiful Blonde and we’re so happy to have him! Thank you again for yet another easy and stress free transaction! Keep doing your thang!
Rating by b***s for Blonde Phantom (Poss Platty) Reticulated Python ($750.00)
Made purchasing my first retic easy and painless process. Beautiful healthy animal. Couldnt ask for more.
Thanks alot Steve! Welcome to the addiction man! Your gonna love that boy!
Rating by d***h for Genetic Stripe Reticulated Python ($500.00)
Amazing quality and health, can't say enough about the amazing customer service. Thanks Jake.
Rating by r***c for Platinum Phantom 100% Het Blonde Reticulated Python ($1,000.00)
Jake is a great guy to do business with and he produces top quality animals. This is my third snake from Jake and the experience was as great as he’s taught me to expect. Can’t say enough good all the way around.
Thanks for the kind words!
Rating by d***m for Super Phantom 100% Het Anthrax Reticulated Python ($3,000.00)
Bought multiple snakes from jake every experience is a good one. Always helpful even after purchasing the animal. All animals bought from him are healthy and always willing to eat. Cannot go wrong with any snakes from him.
Thanks my friend! Enjoy that new girl! She is going to be one incredible animal!
Rating by t***d for Goldenchild Tiger 100% Het Anthrax Reticulated Python ($850.00)
Professional and very easy to work with
Rating by r***s for Blonde Tiger 66% Poss Het Anthrax Reticulated Python ($500.00)
These retics arrived safe and sound and are just stunning. Customer service was great and communication was easy. Overall great experience!
Rating by c***s for Supertiger 100% Het Blonde Reticulated Python ($450.00)
Jake was knowledgeable and the snake was impeccable! I will gladly do business again!
Rating by t***7 for Proven Breeder Pied Poss Tiger/Het Albino Reticulated Python ($2,500.00)
Animals received were beautiful!!! Jake has been great from my initial inquiry through post shipping communications. He was more concerned about the animal’s safety than moving them out, keeping them at his facility until safe to ship. wonderful!
Thank you very much!!!
Rating by d***m for 50% Sulawesi Motley Tiger Reticulated Python ($500.00)