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Excellent experience, breeder gave straight forward and helpful answers all of my questions, the snake shipped in a timely manner and the packaging was high quality. Would absolutely recommend this breeder.
Rating by h***s for Pewter Het Puzzle Ball Python ($550.00)
Kevin is a very knowledgeable breeder that keeps very good communication at all times, with myself and fedex, to make sure the snake was well taken care of. I look forward to dealing with him in the future.
Rating by f***7 for Pied 66% Het VPI Axanthic 2 Ball Python ($400.00)
Fantastic people. Immediate response. Snake is beautiful and in great health.
Rating by m***h for Super Mojave Ball Python ($350.00)
Great experience! Will do business again in the future!
Rating by f***s for Sulfur Clown Ball Python ($500.00)
My snake arrived in perfect condition and there were no problems whatsoever with her or the seller. Overall I think this was a great experience and I love her so much!!
Rating by m***2 for Albino Ball Python ($200.00)
Very beautiful snake more than happy with what I got
Rating by f***4 for Pastel Coral Glow Ball Python ($225.00)
KDF has always provided quality anims! Ive bought from him before and will continue to do so! Picked up in person.
Rating by d***y for Crystal Pinstripe Ball Python ($300.00)
This seller was extremely helpful, courteous, and professional. He was accommodating with shipping arrangements and prompt to answer all questions. The animal I received was healthy and stunning, as well.
Rating by g***0 for Blade Clown Ball Python ($350.00)
Kevin is a great seller! He replied to all of my messages and texts quickly. The snake arrived exactly when he said they would and perfectly healthy. We couldn’t be more pleased...this is one BEAUTIFUL animal! Awesome guy to deal with!
Rating by f***5 for Zebrabee Ball Python ($550.00)
Seller was extremely helpful, courteous, and professional. The animals I received are healthy and even more beautiful than represented by their photos.
Rating by g***0 for Crystal Ball Python ($250.00)
The seller provided an amazing example of the morph and I honestly couldn’t be any happier with her.she arrived in the proper packaging and made it all the way to me very quickly.thanks again Kevin
Rating by j***s for VPI Axanthic Ball Python ($225.00)
I picked up the snake in person and it was securely contained in a snake bag. I was able to hold the snake and check it out, he’s beautiful and healthy. Seller was on time and friendly. I would absolutely recommend KDF reptiles!
Rating by k***y for Coral Glow Pied Ball Python ($550.00)
This is a great seller who responds to messages fast. The snake is beautiful, was packaged wonderfully, and arrived healthy.
Rating by r***9 for Hypo Mojave Ball Python ($200.00)
Awesome seller, excellent animal and great service.
Gorgeous snake, I couldn’t be more pleased
Rating by s***8 for Super Pastel Super Phantom YB Ball Python ($750.00)
Excellent communication and wonderful service. The snake arrived healthy, warm and active, and is every bit as stunning as expected. I would highly recommend KDF as a breeder to anyone looking to purchase a quality snake!
Rating by e***k for Crystal Bumblebee Ball Python ($400.00)