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Loved my interaction and so very happy with our perfect gecko Comet!
Rating by s***2 for Bold 66% Het Raptor Pos Giant Leopard Gecko ($175.00)
Excellent customer service and communication. They made sure that the animal I purchased was safe and happy.
Rating by i***n for Black Night Macksnow Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($300.00)
Awesome people
Rating by w***s for Banana Orange Dream Freeway Ball Python ($3,200.00)
Great experience. Communication was easy and clear. Animal arrived in great condition despite a trip across the Atlantic. Highly recommended seller with quality genetics. Many thanks.
Rating by a***n for Mojave Pinstripe Lace Ball Python ($450.00)
Fantastic experience with seller. Prompt and friendly communication. Gecko arrived in perfect condition. Packed really carefully. I will definitely purchase another gecko soon. Don’t hesitate to buy from this breeder.
Rating by a***o for Raptor Pos Giant Leopard Gecko ($225.00)
I purchased several adult breeder females. Seller was always very quick to respond and answered any questions I had. All of the snakes arrived on time as described in the add and I am overall very happy
Rating by s***0 for Pastave Ball Python ($500.00)
Was awesome to work with. Thank you
Rating by j***r for Black Night Super Snow Ph Tremper Leopard Gecko ($350.00)
Everything went very smooth very satisfied with the animal and service
Rating by j***y for Ghi Yellowbelly Ball Python ($150.00)
These guys are the easiest and most polite people I've ever had the privilege of working with! So kind, gave me all info on the Gecko, overall very knowledgeable, shipping went great and he was packed very well! Definitely gonna buy from here again!
Rating by r***_ for Bold Het Raptor Pos Giant Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
Everything was perfect I will buy from KTReptiles again comuication was excellent. Everything was a 100% thank you 😊.
Rating by h***4 for Rainwater Murphy Patternless Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($125.00)
My gecko was packaged well and arrived safely. I'm overall very pleased, KTReptiles was by far the easiest to buy store I've ever bought from, he answered all my questions very professionally and was super responsive. Will definitely be buying again!
Rating by c***s for Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Ph Tremper Leopard Gecko ($80.00)
Great to deal with ! Communication was quick and accurate, snake is amazing !
Rating by h***6 for Pastel Pinstripe Orange Dream Spider Ball Python ($375.00)
Gorgeous, healthy gecko well packaged. Seller has excellent communication and was a pleasure to work with!
Rating by k***s for Cyclone Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
Very good experience and very healthy animals. Would definitely buy from again and will recommend to others as well!
Rating by t***s for Tangerine Carrot Tail Macksnow Het Raptor Leopard Gecko ($100.00)
Excellent communication! Swift, kind, and very informative. I was very happy to be able to schedule a local pickup and receive my new gecko in person! He's healthy and beautiful, very easily to handle, and quickly settling into his new home.
Rating by g***s for Light Contrast Tremper Het Eclipse Pos Giant Leopard Gecko ($250.00)
100% will buy from again. Great experience.
Rating by j***7 for Giant Tangerine Emerine Het Raptor Leopard Gecko ($300.00)
KTReptiles kept me informed every step of the way and answered all my questions quickly. My girl arrived despite my local FedEx causing problems that almost resulted in her being delayed, and she was even prettier in person. Thank you!
Rating by d***s for Super Pastel Lesser Sugar Spider Pinstripe Ball Python ($350.00)
Has got to be the best breeder I have purchased any of my reptiles from. Was in contact with me every step of the way and also made sure I had the hatch photos of the leopard gecko I purchased. Really great customer service. 100%HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Rating by b***v for G-Project Eclipse Het Tremper Pos Giant Leopard Gecko ($175.00)
KT Reptiles was extremely professional and fast to respond. Sent extra photos to help us decide on which male was best for our project. They had the geckos best interest at heart and held until the weather was good for shipping. Gecko arrived well.
Rating by h***s for Black Night Macksnow Eclipse Het Tremper Het Blizzard Leopard Gecko ($450.00)
Just Absolutely incredible I couldn’t be more happier
Rating by k***9 for Pastel Enchi Yellowbelly Ball Python ($275.00)
Great Quality Animal, and communication, thanks
Rating by r***l for Pastel Enchi Yellowbelly Ball Python ($275.00)
Beautiful animal.
Rating by m***s for Pet Only Leopard Gecko ($50.00)
Both of my geckos arrived safe and healthy. They started eating right away and are settling in well! I would absolutely buy from these guys again!
Rating by j***y for Tangerine 66% Het Tremper Leopard Gecko ($100.00)
Amazing breeder! helped me with my concerns and resolved issue in a timely matter! super friendly and communicative! would buy from again:) 10/10 with service, communication, and amazing geckos! ☺️
Rating by g***s for Cyclone Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
Very responsive and helpful! Quickly answered many questions and even sent extra photos that I requested. My new gecko is a beautiful high quality gecko.
Rating by d***6 for Eclipse Het Tremper Pos Giant Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
Quick response and item was safely delivered on date agreed.
Rating by m***r for Mojave Enchi Yellowbelly Ball Python ($300.00)
I received a beautiful leopard gecko from KT Reptiles, and it was an absolutely pleasure doing business with them! Thank you!!
Rating by h***c for Bold G-Project Pos Giant Pos Het Raptor Leopard Gecko ($275.00)
Thanks so much!
Rating by t***t for Black Night Leopard Gecko ($250.00)
Great service, great snake.
Rating by t***o for Sugar Ball Python ($100.00)
Super responsive and very communicative thank you so much for my pretty snake!!
Rating by h***2 for Banana Pied Poss Yellowbelly Ball Python ($400.00)
A fantastic seller to deal with and very professional. Would definitely purchase from them again!
Rating by d***a for Super Pastel Ball Python ($150.00)
Very pleased with this animal and the seller. Very professional and positive transaction. Would highly recommend KTReptiles, and will consider their animals for any future purchase.
Rating by r***l for Albino Ball Python ($175.00)
I can't thank them enough! I'm overjoyed with the animal! Beautiful! I am pleased with the communication I received, the business negotiations, and the shipping was all personable and professional would definitely do business with them again!
Rating by t***8 for Black Pastel Mahogany Lesser Ball Python ($550.00)
Everything was awesome
Rating by m***7 for Albino 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($300.00)
My experience purchasing a gecko from KTReptiles was excellent! They were quick with communication and really easy to work with. I just got my gecko and he is beautiful and healthy! I'll be back!!
Rating by m***e for Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail 66% Het Tremper Leopard Gecko ($175.00)
Great interaction with this company and the Leo is spirited and ready to grow up here in his new acrylic. I couldn't be happier.
Rating by w***s for Tremper Het Eclipse Pos Giant Leopard Gecko ($175.00)
Great people to work with!
Rating by a***e for Mahogany Soul Sucker Ball Python ($850.00)
An Overall Great experience working with these guys. Great communication and they were very attentive. I will definitely be back to work with them.
Rating by r***8 for Tremper Pos Giant 100% Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
Rating by i***e for Pastel Mojave Ball Python ($175.00)
I would definitely buy off of them again!
Rating by j***0 for Normal 100% Het Albino 50% Het Candy Ball Python ($100.00)
Awesome experience with them
Rating by j***0 for Het Pied Ball Python ($100.00)
Highly recommended
Rating by s***n for 66% Het Clown 50% Het Hypo Ball Python ($100.00)
Highly recommended
Rating by s***n for Cinnamon Ball Python ($125.00)
Highly recommended
Rating by s***n for Woma 66% Het Albino Ball Python ($125.00)
Highly recommended
Rating by s***n for Mojave 66% Het Hypo 50% Het Clown Ball Python ($175.00)
Snake arrived looking great. Seller was very quick with responding and the shipping was as promised. My kids are happy and so are we.
Rating by b***k for Lesser 66% Het Clown 50% Het Hypo Ball Python ($100.00)
Very quick response time, super friendly and courteous, and (most importantly) my new snake is perfectly healthy. 10/10!
Rating by k***t for Cinnamon Fire Ball Python ($225.00)
Kady and Anthony are excellent people to work with. All questions were answered promptly, my Ball Python was packed very well and I really, it was an excellent transaction. I highly recommend KTReptiles to buy an animal from!
Rating by c***r for Enchi Hypo Ball Python ($225.00)
Very responsive. Package arrived as expected and the gecko inside was perfect. Made a first time purchase very easy. Would be happy to purchase from them again.
Rating by j***s for Rainwater Eclipse 66% Het Murphy Patternless Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
For my first Morph Market/non pet store experience, KTReptiles was great. Beautiful animals, affordable prices, great customer experience.
Rating by n***s for Firefly Ball Python ($150.00)