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Very happy with my new VPI+ albino boa😁
Very glad you like her,, thank you was great working with you thru this transaction thanks Lance
Rating by p***5 for Vpi 100% Het Anery 1 Boa Constrictor ($450.00)
Picked up pair of rosy boas. Healthy and perfect. Thanks
thank you
Rating by j***n for Harquahala Rosy Boa ($600.00)
Had an amazing experience buying from Hansens Reptiles, would 100% purchase from this seller again. Beautiful Albino Burmese python came to me happy as can be! Thanks again!!
Thanks very good to work with you also all went great thanks again Lance
Rating by r***3 for Albino 100% Het Granite Burmese Python ($225.00)
Easy transaction
thank you
Rating by b***m for Img Jungle Hypo Poss Pastel Boa Constrictor ($575.00)
The best experience I’ve ever had with buying a reptile. I highly recommend buying here and I will be doing the same again. Bought a female Burmese and she is in amazingly good health and was exactly as advertised.
Thank you glad your happy with her
Rating by t***s for Albino 100% Het Granite Burmese Python ($225.00)
This guy know what’s he’s doing. Don’t doubt him.
Thanks very happy your enjoying your new snake Thanks again
Rating by i***2 for Albino 100% Het Granite Burmese Python ($225.00)
Everything was as advertised and promised! We will be buying from them again!
thanks again
Rating by s***9 for Albino 100% Het Granite Burmese Python ($200.00)
I had a great experience with this breeder. My bull snake came in great healthy condition
Thank you again
Rating by h***d for Bullsnake ($125.00)
Very good experience with this seller
Rating by b***e for Jungle 66% Het Vpi 66% Het Sterling Boa Constrictor ($250.00)
Animal is exactly as described. Seller very responsive and patient with my inquires. Cares greatly about the animals. Would do business again.
Thank you , really glad you are happy with the boa,, keep me updated on how it is doing ,, was a pleasure talking with you ,, thanks again Lance Hansen
Rating by d***k for 66% Het Vpi Hypo Poss Jungle Boa Constrictor ($175.00)
Thank you very happy you like him thanks lance
Rating by b***s for Reverse Amel Okeetee Corn Snake ($250.00)
Very responsive. fast shipping. snakes in good condition/healthy exactly as described will do business again.
Rating by t***5 for AMEL Corn Snake ($250.00)
Very professional would do business again!
Rating by j***m for Albino Boa Boa Constrictor ($475.00)
Very quick response to my inquiry and the transaction was quick and seamless. He held off on shipping for one day so I had time to get to my closest FedEx hub and it was waiting for me. Before I knew it my new snake was home.
Thank you, so glad your pleased with the king Thanks Again Lance
Rating by t***m for High White Abberant Pattern California Kingsnake ($150.00)
This girl is perfect, awesome guy to work with, thanks
Thank you very happy you like her ,, was a pleasure talking with you , thanks Lance
Rating by k***s for High White Banded California Kingsnake ($350.00)
Great communication and snake is just as beautiful as the pictures! Thank you so much!
very happy you like him Tanks you very much lance
Rating by b***s for Ghost Fire Boa Constrictor ($1,500.00)
Lance is a great knowledgable long time hobbyist! Healthy solid animals. Received a perfect female Texas Indigo!
Thanks paul back at ya
Rating by p***s for Texas Indigo Female 2020 Indigo Snake ($2,250.00)
Seller communicated to ensure I was ready for the animal. Animal arrived as agreed in good health. Would buy from again.
Thanks very glad your happy and again thank you
Rating by m***2 for Spotted Python ($325.00)
Hansen's Reptile House was extremely responsive, punctual and provided detailed communication. I love my Unicolor Cribo!!
So happy you like the cribo,, and thank you
Rating by m***s for Uniclor Cribo Indigo Snake ($1,200.00)
Man what can I say Lance worked with me an sold me an extremely beautiful motley girl I will for sure do business again hopefully soon
Rating by d***x for Motley 100 % Het Vpi Albino Boa Constrictor ($325.00)
Hansen's Reptile House was great to work with quick to respond I received the exact animal and it was even prettier than pictured. Shipping was quick as soon as the weather permitted I received a healthy animal that was packaged well and kept warm.
thank you
Rating by 1***0 for Motley Jungle Kahl Albino Boa Constrictor ($600.00)
My boa arrived healthy and was alert and active. Absolutely beautiful, pictures did not do her justice. Would highly recommend purchasing from them.
Rating by a***y for Junglow Motley Kahl Boa Constrictor ($1,000.00)
Quick communication, help with payment method that was new for me, animal was in great shape and exactly as described.
Thank you again and very glad your happy
Rating by r***n for Female Goini Apalachicola Kingsnake ($300.00)
Prompt communication.
Rating by w***g for High White California Kingsnake ($300.00)
Beautiful animal and very friendly service. Was willing to share his time and knowledge with me which was greatly appreciated.
Rating by k***v for Img Hypo Jungle Poss Pastel Boa Constrictor ($975.00)
Beautiful beautiful snake! Good seller communication, I’m happy with my purchase.
Rating by b***3 for Albino Coastal Rosy Boa ($350.00)
Seller was easy to work with. Very nice.
thank you and glad your happy
Rating by b***r for Albino Coastal Rosy Boa ($325.00)
Snake arrived safely in perfect packaging. Adorable and exactly as pictured.
very glad your happy and arrived safe thanks again
Rating by m***s for San Matias Rosy Boa ($225.00)
Lance was great to work with! The snake came healthy and alert! 10/10 would recommend Hansen's Reptile House!
thanks very happy you like him and again thank you
Rating by c***s for Motley Anery Type 1 100% Het Kahl Albino Boa Constrictor ($300.00)
This seller was FANTASTIC. Rosy Boa was in great shape upon arrival and was shipped quickly and efficiently. Communication and information was fast and forthcoming. I highly recommend this seller !!!!!
Rating by w***l for Coastal 100% Het Albino Rosy Boa ($250.00)
Great experience. No issues
great glade your happy
Rating by j***j for Anery Type 1 100% Het Albino Vpi Boa Constrictor ($650.00)
Great todo buisness with would definitely do buisness again. Healthy beatiful animal as well highly recommend.
Rating by j***8 for Asphalt Queen Bee Ball Python ($675.00)
really glad you like him and again thank you Lance
Rating by c***0 for Grey Banded King Snake Gray-banded Kingsnake ($650.00)
Very helpful and informative
Rating by c***s for Axanthic Vpi Vanilla Spider Ball Python ($650.00)
Great communication all around. My new boa is very healthy and a real curious george!
glad your happy with him
Rating by q***9 for Hypo 100% Het Sharp Albino Boa Constrictor ($375.00)
Lance was very professional. Very informative and quick to ship. Reptile was rcvd as described. Will update.
thanks glad your happy with him
Rating by m***h for Mexican Indigo Indigo Snake ($1,650.00)
Thank you Lance. Absolutely gorgeous Boa. Thank you for the conversation and sending me a great boa
Thanks really glad you like her,, also sorry for the fed ex delay ,, glad she got there safe and sound and again thank you Lance
Rating by z***s for Motley Moon Glow Boa Constrictor ($1,500.00)
Great through the entire process
Thanks you as well
Rating by z***s for Vpi Sunglow Boa Constrictor ($500.00)
Super smooth and easy man to work with. Definitely was a pleasure working with you. This female i received is perfect in every way. Thanks a million for this gem. 💪💪
Rating by c***s for IMG POSS HET C.A. T+ POSS HET ANERY(Type 2) POSS HET BLOOD Boa Constrictor ($2,250.00)
Couldn’t have gone better quick communication, shipping, animal just as good looking and aggressive as expected. Definitely getting animals from again in the future.
Rating by n***s for Blood 50% Het Vpi Albino Boa Constrictor ($800.00)
Great 1st time experience with these guys definitely will be a consistent customer,
Really happy you like your new boa and again thank you
Rating by s***z for Hypo 100% Het Kahl Albino Boa Constrictor ($275.00)
My new snake arrived in perfect condition! Even more beautiful in person, very happy with her. Very easy transaction, would definitely recommend this seller.
Thank you and very happy you like her .Thanks Again Lance
Rating by l***l for Motley Moon Glow Boa Constrictor ($1,375.00)
Exceptional moonglow ! Fast communication A++ seller
Rating by a***s for Motley Moonglow 78g Boa Constrictor ($1,375.00)
First time buying online where I can’t pick up and had an amazing experience. Great communication and answered all my questions within 24hrs. Would 100% buy from again!
Thank you for your kind words, and you also did what you said , so glade your happy,, thanks again Lance Hansen
Rating by l***9 for Pied Pastel Ball Python ($400.00)
Lance was cool quickly responded qnd handle shipping with easy. Cool dude look forward to talk more in the future and for other animals
Rating by e***s for Vpi T+ Albino Boa Constrictor ($475.00)
I got the exact snake that I wanted and it was healthy I would recommend Hanson’s reptile house to anyone that wants to buy a snake that is healthy and friendly
Rating by c***2 for Jungle 100% Het Kahl Albino Boa Constrictor ($175.00)
I’m very pleased with my purchase
Thank you very glad your happy and again thank you
Rating by a***e for Hypo Pink Panther 100 % Het Vpi Albino Boa Constrictor ($400.00)
Boa arrived alert and looking nice. Transaction was very smooth. Lance is great to work with. Will definitely look to for future purchases.
thanks again
Rating by m***3 for Jungle 50% Het Lipstick Kahl Albino Boa Constrictor ($175.00)
The photos didn’t do the snakes any justice. :) This is the 6th boa I’ve got from Lance. Will be back for more.
Thanks again and pics never do justice
Rating by s***s for Img Hypo 100% Het Anery Type 1 100% Vpi Albino Boa Constrictor ($2,850.00)
Lance was very quick to reply and sent my new baby the same day that we talked. She arrived in perfect condition, she wasn’t even freaked out at all, and was packed very nicely! Definitely wouldn’t hesitate to buy from him. Thank you!
Rating by l***l for Motley Moon Glow Boa Constrictor ($1,375.00)