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Dec 16, 2019
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We are a small family run business out of Minneapolis. We take great pride in producing happy and healthy bearded dragons. We don’t treat our animals just as animals here they are considered family members and that is what I provide, new family members! We make sure everyday each baby here gets attention and love so they can be as used to hands as much as possible. Check out my IG @LDRREPTILESLLC

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All Terms and Conditions are subject to change anytime we deem necessary. By purchasing you are stating you are 18 years old or older, have read, agreed and understood these policies. We have the right to refuse a purchase to any individual or entity, for any reason. You must have all equipment and necessities to provide a healthy environment for your new animal(s) to thrive in. If at any time after your purchase you can no longer or no longer want to own said reptile(s) they must be returned at your expense, to me during weather permitting times in a proper reptile shipping kit and not released to Petco, Petsmart, Shelter, group, location, persons etc. who take in unwanted/neglected animals. Sex is not guaranteed, We are accurate on sexing but at times it can be difficult. All reptiles are described to the best of our ability in the item description/sales post, any defects will be listed & or pictured as well. We reserve the right to refuse disclosure of photos of the parents of any animal we sell. This is proprietary information and falls under Trade Secret protections. Genetics will be provided in the sales post of both parents. At times photos may be included in the sales post for reference but is at my discretion. I am not responsible for any refunds, replacements and genetic guarantee for any Animals that were purchased from a 3rd party, you must contact them for a possible refund or replacement.

Live arrival is guaranteed, only if you are there to physically receive on the first attempt, if held at Fedex Hub/Ship Center you must pick-up the same day as arrival. Temperatures must be between 50-90 for live arrival to your door. Temperatures between 40-50 or 90-95 must be held at a Fedex Hub/Ship Center for live arrival guarantee. Anything above 95 or below 40 at any location( Mine, Connecting Hub, Your Address) the animal will not be shipped. We will not ship in inclement weather under any circumstance. Any type of delivery mishap you must provide photos of any damage to the box and/or any animal(s) DOA in the original bag/container sent in. Do not remove the animal(s) from the original container/bag. You must contact me within 30 minutes of the delivery time with photos. If you are not there to receive said reptile(s) on the first attempt or failed to pick up at the fedex Hub/Ship Center on day of arrival all guarantees are void. If animal(s) is sent back to me after multiple days of failed attempts, failed to Pick up or wrong address was provided, You will no longer be allowed to purchase from LDRREPTILESLLC or any sister companies. If returned animal(s) arrive DOA back to LDRREPTILESLLC after failed attempts, failed to pick up you or wrong address provided ,you again will be billed the total of each reptiles DOA . You have 8 hours from time of purchase to cancel your order, by canceling you will be charged a 25% restocking fee, plus any return fees(PayPal etc.); if shipping label has been created you will be charged in addition for the actual shipping cost. After 8 hours all sales are final no monies will refunded.

We provide a 72 hour health guarantee as long as proper husbandry and handling is being followed. If you feel your new animal(s) arrived ill you must contact me first not another individual, group or online etc. Not adhering to this will void all guarantees. You must send ill reptile(s) back to me, to assess if animal is truly ill or not, it can take up to 7 days for a refund (minus actual shipping cost) or replacement animal(s). If determined not ill you will not be given a refund or replacement animal(s) and won’t be allowed to purchase from LDRREPTILESLLC or sister companies.