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Matthew Maida
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Jul 28, 2017

Reptile breeder/enthusiast specializing in Boa Constrictors. 20 years experience with reptiles and amphibians.

I do not allow my animals to be exposed to any other reptiles unless they come from a reputable breeder. I also do not "adopt" reptiles or purchase from sources like Craigslist or Facebook groups.
Boa Constrictor Breeding Stock: Mike Weitzman, Jeremy Stone, Lucas Matlock
Ball Python Breeding Stock: Casey Lazik, Justin Kobylka

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US Shipping via ShipYourReptiles included unless otherwise stated. Live arrival and gender guaranteed. Health guaranteed upon arrival. Climate and temperature conditions may affect shipping schedule. Contact me via email within 2 hours of shipment arrival if there are any issues. Photographic evidence and documentation may be required. Documenting everything is good standard practice for both buyers and sellers. Insurance claim requirements on shipments from SYR apply. I strictly follow SYR's shipping guidelines, and I cannot ship outside of their recommended schedule and temperature standards.