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MH Ball Pythons is focused on breeding a wide range of ball pythons morphs. We are very passionate about recessive genes and are specifically interested in producing a wide variety of multi-recessive combos while also throwing some incomplete dominant genes into the mix. Matt has been learning about and caring for reptiles for 20 years. His knowledge on ball pythons and genetics is extensive and he enjoys helping others along the way. We are proud of the quality and health of our snakes and feel great pleasure and satisfaction sharing our knowledge and answering any questions you may have.

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Store Policy

Per Ship Your Reptiles - Due to Covid-19 and an abundance of delays we are ONLY shipping to FedEx Hubs. We ARE NOT shipping to residential addresses at this time. NO exceptions! We are ONLY shipping on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for Wednesday and Thursday pick up from hub. Shipping is weather permitting. We will generally ship when temperatures are between. 38-92 degrees at the departure city, arrival city, and all main FedEx hubs. MHBP reserves the rights to the final decision on whether we ship or not ship. We require an immediate inspection of each ball python and confirmation of live arrival within two hours of pick up time.
HEALTH - We guarantee the health of all of our ball pythons. Any ball python that leaves our facility will be healthy and feeding regularly. If there is any known health issue of any kind, it will be discussed in person or in writing before the sale and documented on sales receipt. MH Ball Pythons has a 7 DAY health guarantee, please contact us immediately if you have any concerns at all about your animals health. While we do guarantee to sell you a healthy, feeding ball python at the time of delivery/pick up, it absolutely cannot be guaranteed to us that the ball python will be cared for in the same manner as we provided at our facility.
SEX AND GENETICS - The sex and parental genetics of all ball pythons produced by MHBP will be 100% guaranteed. Each ball python produced by MHBP will come with a certificate of genetics. Each certificate will list the ball pythons ID, sex, the ID’s of the sire and dam, the hatch date and birth weight. A picture of the ball python (usually a hatchling picture) will be included on each certificate The certificate will be signed by Matt Hanlon, owner of MH Ball Pythons. The genes in each animal will be identified to the absolute best of our knowledge. For multi gene animals, especially those that are a combination of both recessive, incomplete, and/or co-dominant genes it sometimes may become more difficult to ID each and every single gene, but we will do so to the absolute best of our ability.
UNDER YOUR CARE - We DO NOT guarantee the life of a ball python once it has been purchased by the buyer, inspected by the buyer and living under the buyer’s care for 7 DAYS. We cannot guarantee that our ball pythons will thrive in your environment as it is impossible for us to know that your environment and husbandry meets the ball pythons every day needs. For any snake that displays no feeding response, we will be available to answer your questions and will give as much help and insight as possible for any snake that does not feed in its new environment. We will give as much guidance as possible to help you set up your ball pythons enclosure to mimic how we have kept them here at our facility. We DO NOT guarantee that any ball python will feed under your care.
UNDER OUR CARE - We guarantee that each ball python that is produced by or raised by MHBP is done so with respect, love and care. Our ball pythons are housed in the appropriate sized tubs, with correct heat and humidity at all times. We mainly use Reptichip for substrate. Hatchlings are started off on mouse hoppers and eventually switched to rat pups. Adults are fed rats but occasionally we will have a “mouser” Feeding time is done at night. They are cleaned and watered daily. We are confident that all of our snakes are raised in the absolute best environment possible.
WEIGHTS - We provide a Certificate of Genetics for all ball pythons produced by MH Ball Pythons. Each certificate includes the hatchling date and birth weight of each ball python. A receipt will also be given with the current weight of the ball pythons on the day it leaves our facility. This is to prove weight gain, and that the snake was thriving and feeding under our care.
LIVE ARRIVAL - You must notify us within 2 hours of pick up that your ball python is alive and in good, healthy physical condition. Notification of live arrival must be received within 2 hours of pick up. Live arrival and health guarantee are VOIDED if confirmation is not received within 2 hours of pick up. We do not guarantee live arrival for animals that are not picked up on the same day as the delivery to the hub. We DO NOT guarantee live arrival due to unforeseen shipping delays of any kind that is out of MHBP hands. Insurance can be purchased for an additional fee.
FEEDING - We guarantee that each ball python is feeding regularly at the time of sale. Hatchlings will be fed a minimum of 3 consecutive meals and will go through at least one shed before leaving our care. Hatchlings are started off with live mouse hoppers and usually switched to rat pups. For each ball python produced by MHBP, we will provide a certificate with birth weight and a receipt with current weight at time of departure. We DO NOT guarantee the feeding response of any ball python once it leaves our facility. We will be available at all times to offer assistance with any questions. NO REFUNDS will be offered due to lack of feeding response.
REFUNDS - All sales are FINAL! ALL 25% Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE! Refunds will be not given for “buyer’s remorse” or you “changed your mind” or you “don’t have enough room” or you “did not understand the care involved” or for any other personal reason of ANY kind. Please be sure to educate yourself on what is needed and what it will cost to properly care for and raise a ball python. Under no circumstance will a refund be given due to personal reasons. Refunds will NOT be given for a lack of feeding response. Refunds will not be given for ANY reason after 7 DAYS of live arrival confirmation or 7 DAYS after snake has been picked up from a hub or reptile show/expo. While we do guarantee to sell you a healthy, feeding ball python at the time of delivery/pick up, it absolutely cannot be guaranteed to us that the ball python will be cared for in the same manner as we provided at our facility. If an illness presents itself within 7 DAYS of new ownership, a refund will be issued to the buyer IN THE FORM OF STORE CREDIT towards the purchase of another animal but only AFTER the animal is returned alive to MH Ball Pythons at the expense of the buyer. If an animal dies under your care within 7 days (WE HAVE NEVER HAD THIS HAPPEN) a necropsy must be performed IMMEDIATELY at the expense of the buyer to prove cause of death before a refund will be issued. If the necropsy proves that there was an underlying illness unknown to MH Ball Pythons at the time of sale then MH Ball Pythons will issue a refund in the form of original payment and will also reimburse the necropsy cost. A copy of the full necropsy report and receipt along with all information regarding who performed the necropsy must be given to MHBP for proof before refund will be issued. No refunds will be issued for any reason after 7 days.
OUR AVAILABILITY - We are available for any questions or concerns you may have. We promise to help you out with any information and insights we can offer. Please feel free to contact us anytime via texting, email or Facebook messages. We always keep our lines of communications open and will likely get back to you within 24 hours unless otherwise stated.

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