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This boy had a long, strange, cold journey to me and arrived completely covered in mites unfortunately but he looks exactly like the pictures, we are treating him, he is beautiful but I was pretty upset with the seller I wouldn’t recommend
Rating by s***m for Male Orange Head Sumatran 48inch 11.8lbs 8.16.21 Blood Python ($550.00)
Easy transaction. Animal was healthy and in perfect condition.
Rating by j***k for High Orange Northern BTS 9.75inch 9.21.21 Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($500.00)
Very impressed! Great Seller!
Rating by p***5 for Male T+ Albino 72inch 24.4lbs 8.16.21 Blood Python ($750.00)
Everything went perfectly with this seller
Rating by s***c for Female Pinstripe Clown 9.8.21 Ball Python ($700.00)
Beautiful snake. Great communication. Really happy.
Rating by c***3 for Female Yunnan X Thai Bamboo 19.5inch 7.24.21 Bamboo Rat Snake ($300.00)
Skink was the exact animal from ad. Communication was good and the animal arrived well and lok-oks healthy. I am satisfied with the seller. Thank you.
Rating by c***s for Baby High Orange Northern BTS 7inch 7.23.21 Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($500.00)
Great to do business with! Very fast response time, negotiated a fair price, and ensured snake was well packaged and was cautious about weather delays. Thank you, will certainly buy from again!
Rating by b***4 for Male Orange Ghost Genetic Stripe 7.16.21 Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Fantastic looking boy, I can't what to pair him.
Rating by s***i for Male Chocolate Black Pastel Ghost 7.20.21 Ball Python ($800.00)
Beautiful snake, great communication, would definitely recommend.
Rating by c***s for Male Extreme Red 50inch 7.20.21 Bullsnake ($600.00)
Responds in a timely manner
Rating by r***1 for Female Hypo 5 FT 7.16.21 Boa Constrictor ($500.00)
Rating by h***a for Female Black Pastel Cypress 7.16.21 Ball Python ($800.00)
Good experience overall. I would buy from them again.
Rating by s***d for Male Super Chocolate GHI 2.6.21 Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Everything was great. If I get another in the future I’ll definitely be looking them up first to see if they have what I’m looking for.
Rating by k***7 for Female Pastel TSK Axanthic 2.6.21 Ball Python ($500.00)
They care about the wellbeing of their animals. I definitely respect that. My boy was packaged well and arrived healthy. The only negative point I can make is that I had to request a tracking number, since it wasn't provided to me.
Rating by k***d for Male Lavender Albino Spider 10.3.20 Ball Python ($600.00)
Great communication, easy process. Monitor arrived safe and healthy.
Rating by v***s for Baby Obi Island Water Monitor 13inch 11.25.20 ($400.00)
They were amazing! they answered every question i had got back to me quick and my snake is amazing!
Rating by m***s for Female German Import Snow 10inch 9.27.20 Western Hognose ($700.00)
Amazing representation and fast response and shipping. Extremely satisfied! A++
Rating by k***y for Baby Captive Hatched Hand Raised Blue Tree 11.13.20 Blue Tree Monitor ($2,000.00)
Good communication. Super fast response n shipping. Well packaged. Pleased with the quality of the animal. Impulse buy on my part with little notice but they still got it done n shipped out that night for pickup the next morning! No regrets here!
Rating by r***s for Female Ultramel 10.3.20 Ball Python ($600.00)
Communication was excellent, shipped quickly and my baby bull snake is healthy and beautiful! Would definitely purchase again.
Rating by c***7 for Male Cherry / Ginter Kingsville AKA Firebull 100% Het Stillwater Hypo 21inch 9.12.20 Bullsnake ($400.00)
Communication was excellent, shipped quickly and my baby bull snake is healthy and beautiful! Would definitely purchase again.
Rating by c***7 for Female Extreme Red 100% Double Het Tiger & Stillwater Hypo 22inch 9.13.20 Bullsnake ($500.00)
Super quick response time and shipping with accurate tracking. Snake was packed up safe and sound with a heat pack. She was perfect on arrival, exactly as described, and ate with no problems today, after leaving her to acclimate for 6 days.
Rating by n***s for Female Albino Super Anaconda 100% Het Snow 7.25inch 9.27.20 Western Hognose ($800.00)
Better than expected
Rating by j***i for Female Pastel TSK Axanthic 10.2.20 Ball Python ($500.00)
seller answered my email quickly and was very nice + answered all questions. Snake is beautiful and seems healthy
Rating by c***t for Female Hog Island 22inch 9.27.20 Boa Constrictor ($500.00)
Little fellow is incredible :) True to picture ... package arrived on time & packed well, communication was excellent ... I would definitely purchase snakes again and recommend. Thanks so much!
Rating by s***s for Male Banana Enchi Clown 8.25.20 Ball Python ($1,250.00)
Snake arrived safe and in good shape and is doing well. Thanks guys!
Rating by k***d for Male LTC ETB 34inch 10.3.20 Northern Emerald Tree Boa ($500.00)
Great overall experience. Jason, at Miami Reptile, always responded quickly and was very communicative throughout the process. Highly recommend
Rating by j***5 for Female Albino Arctic Anaconda 7inch 9.27.20 Western Hognose ($800.00)
Great service. Great communication. Healthy animal
Rating by k***3 for Female BRB 30inch 10.3.20 Brazilian Rainbow Boa ($350.00)
Received this girl as described. She is beautiful.
Rating by l***i for Female MBK SOLID BLACK 29inch 9.19.20 Mexican Black Kingsnake ($350.00)
Great and easy processing of my order with Miami Reptile Co. They were very responsive, even I texted late. Animals were just as described and in wonderful temperament and condition.
Rating by b***9 for Female Ultramel 9.27.20 Ball Python ($600.00)
Excellent communication, expedient shipping, beautiful snake received. Thanks for working with me! Would do business again!
Rating by a***s for Female Ultramel 9.27.20 Ball Python ($600.00)
Super fast response... ordered one day and got my snakes the next, which was great! Promptly answered questions needed after the sale. No complaints at all
Rating by b***8 for Male 100% Het Axanthic, Albino, Whiteside, Patternless, And Hypo 22inch 9.13.20 Bullsnake ($250.00)
While trying to find the right carpet python they were very helpful and responded to my messages very quick. The snake I received came in very good health and her colors were very nice. Will buy from again.
Rating by m***3 for Female Jungle 21inch 9.19.20 Jungle Carpet Python ($250.00)
Snake arrived exactly as described, great communication and help with shipping arrangements, awesome experience with an awesome seller!
Rating by f***1 for Male Banana Super Enchi Pastel 6.24.20 Ball Python ($500.00)
Very happy with the noodle. Thanks again!
Rating by s***k for Female German Import Super Arctic 8inch 8.25.20 Western Hognose ($1,000.00)
Great animal and fast shipping!
Rating by w***7 for Female Envy Red Albino PH Hypo 16inch 9.12.20 Bullsnake ($500.00)
The communication before and after the sale was absolutely stellar. My emails were all returned within an hour. My animal came in on time and in great condition. Package did not have heat pack so she was cold on arrival, but that's the only issue.
Rating by c***t for FEMALE Banana Black Pastel Mojave 8.25.20 Ball Python ($800.00)
Communication was wonderful. My BP arrived and is even more beautiful than the picture!! Couldn’t be happier!! Thank you!
Rating by k***9 for Female Opal Diamond (Phantom X Russo) 8.19.20 Ball Python ($450.00)
Everything went smoothly. Would buy from them again.
Rating by d***s for Female Bumblebee Clown 7.31.20 Ball Python ($700.00)
I would not hesitate on buying another snake from them. I'm very pleased with my super disco.
Rating by j***c for Male Super Disco 7.9.20 Ball Python ($500.00)
So very happy with this transaction. Great communication, prompt shipping, well packed, and most importantly, a healthy beautiful animal!
Rating by b***r for Female Candy 7.31.20 Ball Python ($600.00)
Wonderful experience. Great communication.
Rating by d***1 for Female German Import Snow 9inch 7.30.20 Western Hognose ($600.00)
First time buyer in morph market and couldn’t be any happier. Thank you Miami reptile company.
Rating by l***2 for Female 8.5inch 7.28.20 Tri-Color Hognose ($450.00)
Good communication. Animal is exactly as described and healthy, ate the first day. Would do business with again.
Rating by t***s for Female German Import Lavender 8inch 8.8.20 Western Hognose ($800.00)
Snake in photo not received, but brown, busy pattern. Claimed clutchmates, then admitted to using file photos due to volume. Very poor communication prior to and post sale. Did offer complete refund only, no partial. Never apologized, very rude.
Rating by m***e for Male German Import Axanthic 100% Het Snow 8inch 8.8.20 Western Hognose ($350.00)
Great! Thanks
Rating by j***y for 10 Count Porcellio Bolivari - MIXED SIZES Isopod ($120.00)
A very smooth process from start to finish! Great communication 👍
Rating by o***n for Female Mexican BlackKing 14.5inch 7.23.20 Mexican Black Kingsnake ($250.00)
He is beautiful Packaged well and shipping went smoothly and on time Highly recommend
Rating by k***3 for Male VPI Axanthic Pastel 8.9.20 Ball Python ($500.00)