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Delivered on time. Snake came in hearty and healthy and as described. The seller answered all my questions promptly, very good experience.
Rating by i***2 for Great Plains Rat Snakes (Pantherophis Emoryi) Western Rat Snake ($90.00)
No complaints. Animal looked great. Arrived in decent time, always replied and was good for communication. Decent price.
Rating by a***1 for Albino Granite Checkered Garter Snake ($150.00)
As described. Great transaction. Thanks!
Rating by g***s for Yucatán Spiny Tailed Iguana (Cachryx Defensor) Other Lizard ($750.00)
Everything went pretty much as planned.
Rating by c***1 for 1.2 Trio Of Green Keeled Lizards (Gastropholis Prasina) Other Lizard ($750.00)
Fantastic communication! Seller helped with all my concerns and shipped the skinks when I needed them. Highly recommend. Best ever customer service!
Rating by l***s for Green Belly Skinks (Emoia Cyanogaster) Other Skink ($45.00)
Great transaction, great communication. Seller was very willing to match my shipping requirements. Would order again!
Rating by w***n for Texas Banded Gecko (Coleonyx Brevis) Other Gecko ($50.00)
Very good to work with. Animals were healthy and shipping was fast. Great communication.
Rating by j***y for Pair Of Okavango Mud Turtles (Pelusios Bechuanicus) Mud & Musk Turtle ($400.00)
Super grateful I received a refund and there was no hassle there however the item was shipped through UPS when it was advertised that FedEx would be used. Received one of the two animals I ordered.
Rating by b***a for Giant Waxy Monkey Tree Frog ($120.00)
Amazing communication and received exactly what I asked for. Animals arrived healthy and happy. Money well spent!
Rating by s***e for Texas Banded Gecko (Coleonyx Brevis) Other Gecko ($50.00)
I’ve had my snake for a few weeks now and he is totally healthy. They contacted me really quick as well. The only issue was shipping and that was my fault for the auto correct shipping address.
Rating by a***3 for Blizzard Corn Snake ($125.00)
smaller than expected but, no size was offered or guaranteed. I got the animal I paid for.
Rating by s***8 for Malaysian Spiny Tailed Geckos (Cyrtodactylus Elok) Other Gecko ($130.00)
Beautiful, healthy snakes. Shipped well, arrived quickly, nicely “packed.” Thank you so much!
Rating by g***x for Desert Night Snake (Hypsiglena Sp.) Other Colubrid ($70.00)
Beautiful, healthy snakes. Shipped well, arrived quickly, nicely “packed.” Thank you so much!
Rating by g***x for Black Headed Desert Snake (Tantilla Hobartsmithi) Other Colubrid ($50.00)
Received the geckos in good health eventually. Wrong shipping address was used and UPS misplaced package. Geckos were lost in transit for 8 days but were miraculously still alive. Seller was helpful throughout ordeal and would have refunded if DOA
Rating by m***r for Texas Banded Gecko (Coleonyx Brevis) Other Gecko ($50.00)
Great experience, beautiful desert iguana and millipedes. Thank you
Rating by t***y for Desert Iguanas (Dipsosaurus Dorsalis) Other Lizard ($125.00)
Snake is gorgeous.
Rating by e***4 for High Gold San Boa Kenyan Sand Boa ($250.00)
Snake is gorgeous
Rating by e***4 for High Gold Sand Boa Kenyan Sand Boa ($225.00)
Excellent communication. Very fair pricing. Animals healthy, Definitely were held for awhile making sure they were hydrated and eating. I would highly recommend Finos. Excellent quality animals at a good price. Thank you Anthony!
Rating by d***d for Longs Tree Dragons (Hypsilurus Longi) Other Lizard ($400.00)
Everything went great, snakes are healthy!
Rating by r***n for Velvet Swamp Snake (Liophis Typhlus Typhlus) Other Colubrid ($350.00)
Got the snake as described, haven't sexed it yet letting it settle in and get some meals in it 1st, but over all pleasant to deal with this seller
Rating by t***d for Cave Dwelling Rat Snakes (Orthriophis Taeniurus Grabowskyi) Beauty Rat Snake ($250.00)
I had a very positive experience with this seller, the communication was great and everything arrived in perfect condition in a well-packed box.
Rating by m***t for North American Green (Anaxyrus Debilis) Toad ($15.00)
Great communication from seller and my animal arrived safe/secure and healthy! I received the exact animal I inquired for, and shipping was super fast! Can’t say enough good things about this seller!!!!
Rating by i***s for Chinese Cave Geckos Other Gecko ($175.00)
Thanks so much for the healthy imports they look great. Very comfortable stress free packaging. Thanks again.
Rating by d***8 for Madagascar Velvet Gecko (Blaesodactylus Sakalava) Other Gecko ($55.00)
Super happy with my newest addition and this over all purchase. Great communication with seller and received a very healthy happy uromastyx just as described and just like the pictures. Will definitely be a repeat customer.
Rating by a***z for ORNATA Spiny-tailed Lizard ($400.00)
Animal is healthy and doing well. Seller communication leaves a lot to be desired.
Update: the female they sold me was actuallY male. So not only did they ghost me after not following up on a promised discount for delayed shipping, they also sold me the wrong gender.
Rating by j***s for Bullsnake ($150.00)
I'm very happy. Response to questions were quick and helpful. Everything went as advertised and they kept me updated though the whole process. AA+++
Rating by h***v for Captive Bred Baby Ornate Box Turtles Box Turtles & Terrapin ($150.00)
Michael was very responsive and helpful. My Jackson Chameleon made it safely, (packaged very, very securely) and is exactly as described. Would recommend highly recommend FinosRainforest! *****
Rating by m***4 for Jacksons (Trioceros Jacksonii) Chameleon ($45.00)
Sweet baby turtle safe and sound
Rating by v***e for Captive Bred Baby Ornate Box Turtles Box Turtles & Terrapin ($150.00)
A++++ Nice People to work with. I will be doing more business in the future
Rating by h***4 for Eastern Collard Lizard (Crotaphytus Corralis) #2 Other Lizard ($75.00)
Transaction went very smooth, received my little turtle first thing the next morning, communication was great, highly recommended.
Rating by t***4 for CBB Ornate Box Turtle Box Turtles & Terrapin ($300.00)
Overall things went well, they are a legitimate place and all was good.
Rating by j***e for CBB Mexican Aligator Lizard (Abronia Graminea) Other Lizard ($450.00)
packaging was amazing communication amazing
Rating by l***0 for Jacksons (Trioceros Jacksonii) Chameleon ($45.00)
Great communication. They replied within minutes in the middle of the night. My chameleon arrived looking happy and healthy and did not get stressed about handling as I moved him to his new home. Overall very positive experience.
Rating by j***3 for Jacksons (Trioceros Jacksonii) Chameleon ($75.00)
Received the healthiest looking turtle I’ve ever seen! Communication, response, and shipment was very fast! Also went the extra mile and sent an issue of Reptiles Magazine with excellent relevant articles on care tips! A++++.
Rating by g***o for CBB Ornate Box Turtle Box Turtles & Terrapin ($295.00)
Great seller communication before and after my purchase. My turtle shipped quickly and it was a smooth transaction experience overall. My animal was clearly well cared for and used to human contact. I couldn’t be happier!!! I would do business again!
Rating by b***l for CBB Ornate Box Turtle Box Turtles & Terrapin ($300.00)
I received a very healthy baby abronia just as listed. Communication was very easy and I had no issues. I would definitely recommend Michael and his store to anyone who is looking for an addition to their family. :)
Rating by h***o for CBB Mexican Aligator Lizard (Abronia Graminea) Other Lizard ($450.00)
Very Happy ! Collared lizard came quick , happy and healthy. Will surely buy again ! Very nice guy to do business with. Thanks Again ! 🙂
Rating by p***0 for Eastern Collard Lizard Other Lizard ($75.00)
Ordered a small Cherry Red Centipede (S. dehaani), seller was very responsive and answered all my questions promptly. Centipede arrived active and healthy. Would 100% order again!
Rating by g***p for Thailand Giant Black Flame 4inches Centipede ($90.00)
Excellent communication and was very helpful with questions great seller fantastic animals would gladly do business again
Rating by t***3 for 1.2 Madagascar Three Lined Grilled Lizards (Tracheloptychus Madagascariensis) Other Skink ($150.00)
Fantastic service. Quickly shipped arrived thriving and was quick to respond. A+
Rating by j***l for Normal Ball Python ($50.00)
All around awesome experience! Animals arrived on time and in perfect health. Would not hesitate to purchase from Michael in the future.
Rating by p***s for Brown “feeder Lizards Anole ($5.00)
My 3rd purchase from Fino's and always a smooth and easy purchase. Lizards always arrive well packed and in great condition. Highly recommend. Thanks again I will definitely be returning.
Rating by w***9 for Side Blotched Lizard (Uta Stansburiana) Other Lizard ($15.00)
Customer service was great. He replied almost instantly and was super nice! Received my gecko this morning. She looks great and is adjusting well! Would highly recommend!!!
Rating by s***1 for Fancy” Leopard Gecko ($45.00)
Snakes came with mites, although they look good and beautiful they have mites, a shame that something so simple and common wasn’t looked at
When dealing with WC animals that is a chance we all take
Rating by b***s for Red And Orange Amazon Tree Boa ($250.00)
Sold me a very sick emerald with ibd. Died within a week of receiving it. Told I would receive a refund. After two months of nothing I reached out again and they refused after promising a replacement. Owner is vicious and a criminal.
Rating by d***s for High White Emerald Tree Boa ($700.00)
I would order from them again they did an excellent job all around no complaints at all just positive feedback here I'll be ordering from them again.
Rating by c***z for Jacksons Group Of 10 (Wholesale) Chameleon ($350.00)
Nicest guys ever! Very patient and amazing communication. Animals arrived safe/healthy and all around amazeballs! I would highly recommend this seller! Will definately be a return customer!
Rating by s***y for Jacksons Group Of 10 (Wholesale) Chameleon ($350.00)
Seller was friendly and responsive. Received a gorgeous and healthy reptile.
Rating by l***6 for Painted Agama Other Lizard ($135.00)
Gecko arrived on time and in perfect health
Rating by c***t for Crested Gecko ($90.00)