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Such a gorgeous snake. I’m so excited to have her. Super smooth transaction. Would 100000% recommend buying from Midnight Exotics
Thank you so much!! Hyacinth is definitely one of the prettiest girls we've hatched out!. I am excited for your potential future projects with her!
Rating by g***s for Super Enchi Pinstripe Pied Ball Python ($1,600.00)
Pearl is PERFECT. She’s so sweet, calm, and curious. Thank you for trusting me as her new human. She’s amazing.
Thank you! Pearl is an absolute darling and her name definitely matches her. I love that she's going to be super spoiled and adored for the perfect petite girl that she is! Thank you for giving her an amazing home 🥰
Rating by g***s for Hypo Snow Motley Stripe Hurricane Corn Snake ($400.00)
She’s even more beautiful in person! Thank you!
You are so welcome! Give Nymeria snuggles for me.
Rating by t***s for Ghost Motley-stripe Corn Snake ($400.00)
Wonderful people super excited to own this pretty gal
Thank you! Aurora is a spectacular cuddle bug. We are very excited she found someone who loves her as much as we do.
Rating by k***2 for Albino Ball Python ($700.00)
Very lovely and healthy animals! Wonderful communication, will definitely keep them on my "buy from again" list!
Thank you so much! We thoroughly appreciate the kind words and positive feedback.
Rating by s***p for Ghost Vanishing Stripe Proven Breeder Corn Snake ($300.00)
Emily was a pleasure to deal with. Very patient. Snake looks exactly as advertised. Would definitely buy again.
Thank you so very much!
Rating by m***y for Hypo Vanishing Stripe Corn Snake ($250.00)
My experience with Midnight Exotics (Emily) has been absolutely amazing. From inquiry to completed delivery she has been nothing but helpful, kind and very responsive. Odin arrived to me super well packaged and safely. Definitely 10/10 all around!
Thank you so much! I am truly happy that Odin gets to live retired life out in his snake mansion being absolutely spoiled! Please give him lots of snake snuggles for me
Rating by a***r for Snow Corn Snake ($260.00)
Awesome customer service. Communicated the whole time and answered all questions. Will be watching store constantly 💯
🥰 Thank you so much! We thoroughly appreciate the support and kind words. Can't wait to hear updates on your projects!
Rating by k***h for Hypo Amel Het Lavender Motely Stripe (Pinstripe) Corn Snake ($300.00)
Beautiful snakes in perfect condition. A lot of time and heart was put into their care and it shows.
Rating by t***t for Anery Motley Stripe (Pinstripe) Proven Breeder Corn Snake ($400.00)
Easy transaction. Received snake on time as promised.
Rating by m***s for Banana Mojave - Proven Breeder Ball Python ($350.00)
Emily was wonderful to deal with. Excellent communication and we recieved a gorgeous, calm, friendly corn!
Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words and am excited to hear that you love your new corn. I can't wait to hear what she gets named.
Rating by m***7 for Masque Het Hypo, Anery Corn Snake ($75.00)
Fantastic communication throughout and very easy to work with. The beautiful leo I purchased was exactly as described and very happy and healthy. I highly recommend, I know they take great care in their animals.
Thank you so much! We are very appreciative of your kind words and support. Geo is a gorgeous boy and we are happy to hear you think so too! Please let us know if you have any questions at any point.
Rating by s***s for Lavender Snow Raptor Stripe Leopard Gecko ($315.00)
Over all an amazing person to deal with, answered all my questions and concerns, answered back in a timely manner, and was extremely polite and sweet. My girl arrived safe and on time and was exactly like the pictures sent.
🥰 Thank you very much! Enjoy her! She's going to keep getting more beautiful as she grows up. Good luck with your projects and please let us know if you ever have more questions. We are always happy to help.
Rating by a***7 for Calico Ball Python ($200.00)
My new beautiful girl is perfect! The packaging was flawless. I mean, Flawless! Of course shipping was on time. Communication with seller was superb! Excellent! Overall experience is a ten out of ten!!! I will be buying from this seller again!
😊 Thank you so much. This means a lot to us. We will be happy to help you find your next perfect reptile. Please keep us updated on Monty as well.
Rating by d***y for Lesser Pastel Proven Breeder Ball Python ($550.00)
Great transaction! Love my new friend!
Thank you! Enjoy your new baby! 💕
Rating by t***3 for TSF Snow Raptor Jungle Leopard Gecko ($130.00)
Snake arrived nicely packed and exactly what was expected. Seller communicated through the entire transaction and answered all questions. Thanks again Emily from Midnight Exotics.
You are very welcome! Best of luck on your projects.
Rating by d***0 for Yb/gravel Pastel Enchi Het Clown Ball Python ($1,800.00)
Our snake is so beautiful. He’s doing well and took his first feed with no issue. Emily was very helpful and knowledgeable. We are so happy with the experience. 10/10
Thank you so much!
Rating by c***n for Redfactor Snow Posible Halo Corn Snake ($145.00)
My corn snake is exactly as described and so sweet!! I absolutely love her! My experience with Midnight Exotics was also fantastic answered all my questions kept me up to date on safe ship dates (winter here) and they sent me photo updates of my girl
Thank you so much for the kind words and all of your patience with shipping delays.
Rating by l***s for Anery Motley Corn Snake ($350.00)
Great communication and watched the snake for me for 2 weeks until it was safe to ship! Thank you so much!
You are very welcome! I wish you the best of luck with your projects. Penny is a phenomenal girl!
Rating by t***4 for Pinstripe 100%het Pied Proven Breeder Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Emily at Midnight Exotics was fantastic! She was easy to reach, talked everything over with me, worked within my budget, and shipped my new snake quickly and safely! Mango is lovely, and i think she'll be a great pet!
Thank you so much! I know Mango will be completely spoiled the rest of her life.
Rating by e***7 for Hypo Corn Snake ($150.00)
Extremely responsive and communicative seller and a wonderful and healthy leopard gecko :)
Thank you!
Rating by k***3 for TSF Snow Jungle Leopard Gecko ($120.00)
•The seller was wonderful, patient, and answered all my questions! I highly recommend them ^.=.^
Thank you very much!
Rating by l***e for Hypo Het Lavender Het Amel Corn Snake ($140.00)
Wonderful seller! She communicated with me the entire time my leopard gecko was on hold and even sent me pics of him a few times. She continued to communicate up to the time he was delivered. Highly recommend! 😊
Thank you so much for the kind words. Enjoy your sweet boy!
Rating by n***3 for TSM Snow Jungle Leopard Gecko ($145.00)
Gecko arrived safe and sound! She's a great eater and has been growing very fast, so needless to say I think I got a very healthy gecko.
Thank you! I'm happy to hear that your baby is continuing to do well 😁
Rating by k***g for TSF Snow Jungle Stripe Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
This seller is fantastic. Very responsive and attentive. The snake was beautiful.
Thank you so much!
Rating by t***1 for Amelanistic Pet Only 21 Corn Snake ($50.00)
Seller kept me informed and made sure the weather was good before sending my new baby snake
Rating by p***e for Classic Het Lavender, Hypo, Amel & Anery Corn Snake ($85.00)
Midnight Exotics is clearly run by someone who wants to share their passion of snakes with you and makes sure that no question goes unanswered. Response time is fast at any time of the day and details are transparent.
Thank you so much!
Rating by m***l for Classic Het Lavender, Hypo, Amel & Anery Corn Snake ($85.00)
The corn snake is just as described and arrived healthy and handsome. Seller's communication is EXCELLENT. Would definitely buy again from this seller. Highly recommend.
Rating by e***r for Ghost Motley-stripe Corn Snake ($200.00)
Midnight exotics has been so sweet to interact with. Was very on top of keeping me updated and arranged a delivery that worked with my schedule. My snake arrived in great shape!
Thank you!
Rating by g***t for Hypo Snow Motley Corn Snake ($225.00)
Couldn’t be happier with the transaction
Thank you!
Rating by c***n for Snow Motley-stripe Corn Snake ($200.00)
Loved this seller! They reply fast and make sure all questions are answered. So so so want to purchase from them again!
Thank you so much! We would be happy to help match you up with another scaled family member!
Rating by a***a for Anery Motley Corn Snake ($185.00)
Extremely knowledgeable seller, fast shipping and gorgeous snake, if I could give this seller 20 stars I would!!
Thank you so much!
Rating by j***a for Amel Possible Halo Het Bloodred Caramel Hypo Corn Snake ($80.00)
Super fast communication and super helpful for a first time snake owner.
Thank you!
Rating by k***u for Amel Possible Halo, Het Caramel, Bloodred, Hypo Corn Snake ($80.00)
Amazing communication, quick response time, was 100% about the safety of the animal during weather related shipping delays & kept me updated until it was safe to ship. Arrived packed perfectly & in tip-top condition. I highly recommend this seller!
Thank you very much!!
Rating by n***s for Ghost Motley Stripe Corn Snake ($180.00)
Very professional and knowledgeable. Met me at a nice location for in person pick up. Very impressed.
Thank you!
Rating by k***h for Amel Possible Halo, Het Caramel, Bloodred, Hypo Corn Snake ($80.00)
Very nice packaging, awesome communication the entire process. You can tell this seller really cares about the animals they breed and the quality of the animal they send to you. Super bright and colorful baby! Great personality. Overall very happy.
Thank you!
Rating by m***r for Amel Possible Halo, Het Caramel, Bloodred, Hypo Corn Snake ($80.00)
Easy to work with and goes out of their way to help. Can't find anyone better to work with.
Thank you so much!
Rating by k***s for Ghost Motley Stripe Corn Snake ($180.00)
She was 100% great at communicating and super patient and helpful in assisting in choosing the best snake for our family! Our new addition arrived on time, as decribed and in fantastic condition!!
Thank you!
Rating by c***l for Classic Het Lavender, Hypo, Amel & Anery Corn Snake ($85.00)
Absolutely perfect. Communication was clear and incredibly helpful, my baby arrived in perfect condition, and she is absolutely stunning to see in person. If you're a first time snake owner like I am, Midnight Exotics is a very good place to start!
Rating by d***u for Amel Possible Halo, Het Caramel, Bloodred, Hypo Corn Snake ($45.00)
After I inquired about a snake I got a response almost immediately! Communication throughout was amazing. Snake arrived fast and in perfect health.
Thank you so much!
Rating by b***g for Halo Hypo Snow Corn Snake ($85.00)
I'd give 6 stars for communication if I could. Quick, personable, and invested in making the best experience for both buyer and snake. And speaking of the snake...gorgeous colors, patterns, and was gentle and calm right out the box. Thank you!!
You are most welcome! We are so happy you love your new baby!
Rating by p***e for Red Factor Halo Zig-zag Snow Corn Snake ($200.00)
I purchased a snow corn snake from Midnight Exotics. I had an excellent experience. They are very knowledgeable and truly love their animals! Packaged and shipped with extreme care. Thank you!!!
Thank you! 💕
Rating by t***0 for Snow Corn Snake ($80.00)
I bought this beautiful leo and a corn snake from this seller. They were extremely helpful and answered all my questions. They arrived safe and sound, very well cared for!
Thank you! 🥰
Rating by t***0 for Eclipse Super Snow High Yellow Snake Eyes Leopard Gecko ($120.00)